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Aries New Moon + Solar Eclipse

Art journal page with solar plexus chakra mandala, collage elements, fool from the Tarot

There is a lot to navigate at this Aries new moon + solar eclipse. To illustrate all of the concepts, I tried something new with my mandala art. Collage Diva came out to play with her scissors and glue stick in hand.

two tarot cards - ace of pentacles and 4 of wands
Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

Thank you for the warm welcome!

My decision to start blogging again after a 3-year hiatus was unexpected and spontaneous. Days before I started blogging, I pulled the Tarot cards pictured above. The Ace of Pentacles is about creating something new. I’m quite chuffed by the image of the hands cupping a mandala with long roots and rich soil. It is speaks to my work of nurturing a mandala practice for insight, self-expression, and healing. The second card, the Four of Wands represents you my dear reader, soul sister, and member of my online tribe, whose response to my email newsletter filled my in box with lovely comments of delight and encouragement. It has felt like a reunion and celebration. My heart swells with the warmth of your words about how much you’ve missed me as I too have missed our connection. Thank you for taking the time to write, it inspires me to dedicate my free time to creating and connecting. Know that you make a difference in my life!

I’m excited to share today’s Traveling by Moonlight post as it weaves together so many different archetypes, themes, and insights that I’ve been collecting since the last blog post. Read on to discover the connections between Aries, the dragon, the fool, and Manipura the solar plexus chakra. To create the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse mandala, I played with my favorite medium collage and drew inspiration from a gorgeous purple tulip from my friend’s Easter table.

I’m so glad you are here and can’t wait to hear from you again.

(((soul hugs)))
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

PS – If you are new to my blog series, you may want to start with this post that introduces the series and what it means to Travel by Moonlight.

fool from the Tarot holds a sunflower and looks a solar plexus chakra mandala
The fool from the Tarot looks at the solar plexus chakra mandala.
Source: Fool image from Prophecy pinot noir wine label

Aries the brave.
Aries the fire starter.

Let’s begin today’s journey talking about our main character, Aries the fool. Aries is the first sign of the astrological new year and the first season, spring. What I love about Aries people is their get up and go, enthusiasm for life, and vitality. The grass does not grow under them and they inspire us to be decisive and take action. For those of us who may be slow to take action or less confident to follow our dreams, we regard Aries folk as bold, daring, courageous, brave, and audacious.

My daughter who has her sun in Aries moved from the US to Sweden last year to take a job. She had never visited the country before, she doesn’t speak the language, and didn’t know anyone. When I asked her about how it felt to make this move, she felt more fear of staying where she was than starting a new adventure. Lucy exemplifies the bold spirit of Aries.

The Fool
Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

The fool in the Tarot also captures the spirit of Aries. The fool represents potential, new beginnings, a desire for adventure and to live life to the fullest. The fool lives a carefree life, free from worry and is comfortable in the unknown.

Wonder, awe, curiosity, and sweet anticipation are the qualities felt when the fool archetype is activated within us.

The fool encourages you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how foolish it may seem.

Even for the eager Aries, there are times when it isn’t wise to take action. With Mercury in retrograde, this is such a time for us to be like the snail to slow down and practice patience. This isn’t easy for those with lots of Aries fiery energy and enthusiasm. Impatience is one of the biggest challenges that our Aries friends face.

Mercury Retrograde: April 1 – 25, 2024
Three weeks of traveling with caution.

The gift of the retrograde pause gives us time to reflect on our plans, dig a little deeper into the details and logistics, and temper impulsive or reckless action.

I believe in divine timing and know that when the stars align, the people and events come together with grace and ease. If you are feeling impatient, consider that others who need to be involved need time to get ready. This new moon isn’t a time for setting things into motion or taking action but to savor the waiting, trusting that when the time is right you’ll be ready.

The fool, the dragon,
and the snail.
Source: Fool image from Prophecy pinot noir wine label

Chiron in Aries

But wait there’s more! And this one is a biggie that can be very triggering. Take note that Chiron is another character in our story that is hanging out in Aries this month. When the asteroid Chiron shows up in the sign of Aries, it can help us to learn about our true self worth. Chiron is known as the wounded healer for when you do your shadow work, you come out the other side of it transformed, wiser for the wear, and prepared to help others who have the same wounding.

Chiron in Aries can help us to uncover the unconscious, limiting beliefs formed in our childhood about our self worth. Here are a few signs of a low self-esteem.

  • Accepting less than what you deserve.
  • Saying “yes” to everyone when deep down wanting to say “no.” (people pleasing)
  • Looking to others for advice rather than trusting yourself to know what’s best for you.
  • Feeling hypersensitive to criticism.
  • Having poor boundaries.
  • Holding grudges.
  • Blaming others for your feelings.
  • Complaining about others or the work you have to do.
  • Lacking clarity about what you value.
  • Trying to fit in.

Finding Your Confidence in the Solar Plexus Chakra

The third energy center located at the navel is called Manipura, the solar plexus chakra. Manipura means lustrous gem of the city. The gem refers to your identity, self-worth, confidence, and personal power. When balanced, you radiate like the sun with a warm disposition, inner strength, and determination. You have a clear sense of purpose and this clarity drives you to say, ‘yes’ to your dreams and take action.

Here are some key words and affirmations to energize your solar plexus chakra.

STRENGTH: I have the inner power to withstand whatever comes my way.

COURAGE: I embrace life fully, without holding back.

CONFIDENCE: I have the strength to try new things and to gain mastery through practice.

ASSERTIVENESS: I know my own worth. I ask for what I need by making simple, positive requests.

Solar plexus chakra with the triquetra drawn in the center triangle.
Solar plexus chakra with the triquetra drawn in the center triangle.

Serendipity Strikes with the Dragon!

My friend Lady North rang me unexpectedly last week after she read my email newsletter. She called to thank me for keeping my blog free of charge and to catch up as our paths haven’t crossed in years. After our chat, I pulled out some of the handmade mini journals she made for me over the years and tucked inside one of them, I found a Canadian postage stamp from ten years ago. It felt like a full circle moment as here we are once again in a ‘dragon year.’

dragon Canadian stamp

The timing of this dragon encounter is really quite perfect. The qualities of the Chinese dragon remind me of Aries, charismatic, intelligent, confident, and powerful. Within each of us is a dragon that protects the Manipura, the gem of the city. When we give our power away, our inner dragon may awaken looking like anger or rage. It may be expressed as sneaky anger when you say you are fine but make little snarky, sarcastic, snippy, or mean remarks. The inward expression of anger is felt as depression or bouts of weeping.

The dragon gets fired up when we:

  • Don’t face our fears.
  • Neglect our feelings.
  • Give our power away.
  • Ignore something that needs our attention.
people wearing glasses to watch the eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, we have a new moon and total solar eclipse that is tightly conjunct Chiron at 19° Aries. A conjunction is when two or more planets or celestial bodies are lined up at the same degree.

“The thoughts, emotions, flashbacks, events, or interactions that will surface at the time of the eclipse will trigger our vulnerabilities and unprocessed pain, but if we stay there, we have a unique chance to rewrite the story of our wound to unlock its hidden potential.” (Astro Butterfly)

There comes a time when you’ll get tired of telling the same old stories. It may be stories about your relationships, work, personal identity, or money. This eclipse may be just the trigger you need if you’ve been caught up in victim consciousness, making excuses, or feeling stuck.

Healing Old Wounds

One way to dig deeper in healing your Chiron wounding is to explore the exercises found in the book, The Body Heals Itself by Emily A. Francis. Since my last blog post at the the Libra full moon when I opened up the topic of anger, I turned to chapter 5 in Francis’ book on the glutes, your storehouse for aggravation and suppression. The premise of this book is that our body stores strong, unprocessed emotions in our muscles. Through massage, yoga, and targeted physical movement we can escort out and release the emotional pain that we carry.

Communication in my family growing up was so unhealthy and I tended to swallow my feelings and as this book pointed out, I’d sit on them storing them in my glutes. So last Saturday morning, I tried the foam roller self-release exercise where I rolled a little brayer along my gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. The pain was incredibly intense, I wept deep heavy tears, and I watched as old memories surfaced. As I rolled and rolled the little brayer along these tight muscles and feeling the physical and emotional pain, I read this affirmation, I am free to let go of all the times I did not honor my feelings and sat on them.

My sweet cat Milo seeing me distressed came over and showed me such sweet concern. When I finished, Milo and I curled up on the couch for a power nap where he laid on my throat vibrating it with his purring. When I woke up from my nap, I felt a sweet lightness of being and renewal. This process is not for the faint of heart. I found it deeply healing.

Check out this video to learn more about the healing effects of our cats’ purring.

Here is a recap of the themes in today’s post:

  • Aries new moon: What does this fiery sign have to teach us about courage and action?
  • Dragon + solar plexus chakra: Is your inner dragon trying to get your attention? What message does she have for you?
  • Fool from the Tarot message: Follow your curiosity. Live in awe and wonder.
  • Total solar eclipse: What tired old stories are you ready to let go of? What new stories are you ready to tell?
  • Chiron in Aries affirmation: I know my own worth. I ask for what I need by making simple, positive requests.
  • Mercury Retrograde: Slow down, this is a time to pause and reflect.

Creating Art as a Meditation

The time I spend creating my art is so much more than making pretty pictures. It is a time, space, and place for integrating the lessons found in Traveling by Moonlight. Here are some suggestions on how you can create your mandala art as a meditation and spiritual practice.

tulip with ruffled petals color inspiration for mandala
Inspiration is everywhere.
A stunning and unique tulip from my friend Laurie’s Easter table was the inspiration for the
color and design elements in my solar plexus chakra mandala.



Avoid distractions like having the TV on. Consider creating in silence or with gentle instrumental music. This week, I’ve been listening to “Evening Star” – Nao Sogabe.


I selected four words inspired by the themes in this post to focus on while I worked on creating my mandala art.

Courage | Aries
Patience | Mercury Retrograde
Self-Worth | Chiron
Self-Discovery | Total Solar Eclipse

Reread the post and select words or write an affirmation that you find inspiring.


As you trace the lines of your mandala, observe the in flow and out flow of your breath. Feel your body and mind soften as your awareness follows the movements of your hand moving along the page.


Keep a journal nearby to collect the thoughts, emotions, and memories that surface as you work.

Insights & Inspiration

Did you make it down this far? I’d love to hear your insights and inspiration from reading this post. I’m curious to hear how you are fairing in this highly intense time. Please ask your questions! What discoveries did you make reading this post? I love hearing moments of ‘a-ha’ and serendipity. Drop me a note in the comments section below.

A journey is always best when shared. If you have friends who’d enjoy this content, share it with them.

Until the next lunation,
(((soul hugs)))
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

8 thoughts on “Aries New Moon + Solar Eclipse”

  1. I’ve done this before, waiting patiently so this post reminded me that in this season of my life, to continue practicing patience.
    To return to active waiting because waiting is not passive as I wait I’ll be learning, growing, and embracing change.

    1. Hi Anne, Thank you for kick starting the comments on this blog post. I thought of you a lot as I wrote this post knowing that Aries is a big part of your natal chart and who you are. I admire your fearless and adventurous nature. I know you are in an in-between stage right now in your work life. I love how you maintain a positive attitude and keep yourself engaged with learning and connecting with new people during this waiting period. You are a shining star and exemplify all of the positive qualities of Aries. (((soul hugs))) Kathryn

  2. What a great reminder of what this current retrograde and upcoming eclipse is all about. During these times I think it’s really easy to be down on yourself but reading your blog makes this time feel refreshing and gives you great tips on making it through with purpose! I loved how the story was told with certain parts of the mandala and at the end getting to see it all come together based on what was read. Thank you for this!!

    1. Thank you Lindsey for sharing what you enjoyed from this post. You are spot on when it comes to how to navigate the intense energies at a time like this where your awareness can help you to understand that why strong emotions can surface. There were times in my life when I’d get emotionally hijacked by different planetary transits without knowing what was going on. Glad you enjoyed how I illustrate my writing…it is fun to create the posts. (((soul hugs)))

  3. Wow. The stuff about low self esteem. I’ve been suffering for a while now and I feel the tide turning. This post is very helpful. I’ll check out that book.

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