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Libra Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

mandala art with Libra and Venus glyphs, throat chakra, stencil, and crystals.

In this blog post we’ll explore how to Travel by Moonlight with these following themes.

  • The Libra opposite Aries aspect and how that can affect our relationships.
  • What can happen during an eclipse tunnel.
  • How Mercury Retrograde joins the mix and can instigate heated conversations.
  • Using the Throat Chakra stencil in the featured mandala to support feeling safe to speak your truth.

Let’s start with a story.

I invited Anger to move into my home.

Days leading up to a full moon, I often feel the effects and this lunation was no different. I woke up early Friday morning refreshed from a good night’s rest. As I was enjoying my coffee, thoughts about some work issues fired me up and I found myself talking out loud to myself ranting and raving. I’m not typically someone who yells and I’m really more of a peacekeeper type who’ll put others before myself. I have a lot of experience with anger having been married to two people with anger management issues. Here I sat alone with my two cats watching this unfamiliar behavior and realizing the truth that anger is part of my repertoire of emotions and worth taking the time to explore.

Full Moon in Libra Mandala
StencilGirl Stencils: Four Gates Mandala, Throat Chakra

With a couple of hours to spare before starting my work day, I pivoted to focus on my Libra full moon mandala and read the words placed at each of the four gates: respect, value, diplomacy, and open-minded. I sat and breathed in these words and reflected upon the qualities of Libras who tend to be very sweet, charming, and always ready to keep the peace in any situation. My eyes wandered around this mandala and landed on the sweet center where I imagine the winged heart has been waiting for me to arrive and enter into the sky blue throat chakra portal. The little heart whispers, “Be guided by your heart and you’ll find your way.”

In a shamanic training, I learned to work with the chakra below the one that needs support. So in this case, if I want to support my throat chakra, I’d open up the chakra below it which is the heart chakra. But in all honesty, the heart chakra is central to all healing and my go to no matter what is showing up physically, mentally, or emotionally.

When I colored this mandala, I reached for green, a color associated with the heart chakra to surround the light blue center. The watermelon looking slices that flank the leafy petals was not intended, but such is the way of creating mandala art – unexpected results are guaranteed. Perhaps they can represent a refreshing soul snack which reflecting on this mandala offered me as I shifted from a hot-headed fiery moment to feeling calm, sweet, and lovely. It was just what I needed before starting work. As I fired up my computer, I felt ready to bring a sense of diplomacy, kindness and a readiness to listen to my colleagues different points of view.

Then it dawned on me. Doh! These opposing feelings of hot and cool reflect the energies of the Libra full moon. Full moons are a time where the moon is in one sign (Libra) and the sun is in the opposite sign (Aries). Most often opposite signs have a difficult time understanding the points of view in each other and in fact, they can easily trigger each other leading to conflicts. Herein lies the lessons found within astrology as our polar opposites are here to show us another way of being and doing that helps us to grow and bring balance and harmony.

Let’s explore a bit the relationship between Libra and Aries, shall we? Libra’s high road as mentioned before is that of a gentle, sweet peacekeeper but if Libra doesn’t have good boundaries, she is likely to give her power away and accommodate others at the expense of her own needs and wants. While Aries’ low road may look like a hot head and impatient, the high road is one Libra can learn from on how to ask for what she wants and set healthy boundaries. In turn, Libra shows Aries how to consider other points of view.

Back to my story. Later the same day my friend stopped by to drop off a piece of art that I had purchased a month earlier at a local art show. I laughed when I unwrapped it and hung it up in my home office as the piece is titled, Anger 2.

When I originally decided to buy this piece, I was reluctant. Did I want to invite anger to have a prominent place in my home? I decided that this artwork would be a reminder that we have a range of emotions and they all have a place in our human experience. It is important that we find healthy ways to express them. Yes friends, I have anger too and I’m ready to own it, work with it, and release it.

Pictured here with the artist of Anger 2, Aaron Kane (IG: @thecutpaper_guy)

Fun tidbit about this piece of art, the white areas were hand-cut from a piece of black paper. Now how cool is that?

The timing of Anger 2 moving in is not lost on me as we approach this full moon in Libra.

This full moon may feel particularly intense for you as it includes a lunar eclipse. Here are a few notes about eclipses.

  • Eclipses are a time often marked by unexpected changes and turning points in our lives. If you’ve been putting off doing something, an eclipse may push you to act whether you’re ready or not.
  • Eclipses come in pairs and the time between the two is referred to as an eclipse tunnel.
  • Lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25, 2024 (3:00 am, EST) marks the beginning of an eclipse tunnel. Stormy emotions may arise to the unexpected changes and shifts in your relationships. Don’t wait for things to blow up. Be proactive. Positive surprises are also a possibility as new relationships form or offers of exclusivity or marriage proposal.
  • Total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, 2024 (2:21 pm, EST) marks the end of the eclipse tunnel. Power struggles may surface and it isn’t a good day for negotiating. On the plus side, exciting and unexpected opportunities could happen.
  • Mercury Retrograde, April 1 to 25, 2024 in dominating Aries may have you feeling impatient and ready to spring into action. Hold your fire during this three week period to do your homework and reconnect with helpful allies.

Creating Art as a Meditation

One of my favorite ways to tune into the energies of a full moon is to create mandala art. During the process, I make time to tune in and listen to my body, mind, emotions, and desires as I reflect on the qualities of the particular full moon.

If you are inspired to create a mandala during this lunation, here are some suggestions on how to make it a meditative process.

  • Gather all of your art supplies to have them at the ready. For the mandalas that I created in this post I used the Four Gates Mandala Stencil and the Throat Chakra Mandala Stencil from StencilGirl Products.
  • I worked with markers and colored pencils. Watercolor paints are another fun medium. Work with what you have.
  • Avoid distractions like having the TV on. Consider creating in silence or with gentle instrumental music. These days I’ve been listening to Echoes of Tranquility | Native Flute Music.
  • As you trace the lines of your mandala, observe the in flow and out flow of your breath. Feel your body and mind soften as your awareness follows the movements of your hand moving along the page.
  • To connect with the lovely Libra energy, reach for soft, gentle colors that you love.
  • Consider adding words to your mandala that can serve as gentle reminders of the qualities of peace, harmony, respect, diplomacy…or others that come to mind for you.
  • As you work, think about your different relationships with family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and with your self that may need some harmonizing. How may you bring peacefulness, kindness, and understanding to the situation?
  • Listen to your heart.
  • Consider any healthy boundaries that you need to set.
  • Write an affirmation on the back of your mandala that you find inspiring. Here are some related to the throat chakra.
    I am open, clear, and honest in my communications.
    I express my feelings with ease.
    I am balanced in speaking and listening.
    I express my gratitude towards life.
    I live an authentic life.
    I express myself creatively I am able to clearly state my needs.
    I communicate with confidence.
    I speak my truth with ease.
    My voice is heard.
    I am comfortable in silence.
    I set clear boundaries.
    I am easily understood.
    I am a compassionate listener.
    I listen deeply so others can hear their own wisdom.
    My words reflect my loving thoughts.
    I have an important voice in the world.
    I claim and honor my true voice.
    My thoughts are positive, and I express myself truthfully and clearly.
  • After you create your mandala spend time sitting with it, then turn to your journal and free write for 2 to 3 minutes or as long as you like. I often start with the prompt, “My soul wants me to know…” This prompt helps me to get into the flow of writing and tapping into my wise inner self.
  • For more ideas read this post about Traveling by Moonlight.

Let’s Connect!

I hope you’ll reach out by leaving a comment on this blog post. I’d love to hear about how this full moon and eclipse season is showing up for you. If you create a mandala, do share! Post a link to where we can view it.

Do know this, knowledge is power. By understanding the tensions that can surface, you are less likely to get emotionally hijacked by them. While some events may unexpectedly occur in these next few weeks, know that you have the power to shift the energy just as I did when I was feeling hot headed. Within moments, turning to my mandala practice and reflecting on the beautiful qualities of Libra, I was able to go from fiery to light and easy-going.

Thanks for joining me on this creative and soulful journey.

Until the next lunation,
Kathryn Costa

10 thoughts on “Libra Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse”

  1. I just discovered you and then I couldn’t find anymore postings. So glad you are back. I look forward to more adventures and beautiful creations.

  2. Oh Kathryn, I’m so glad you are back to offering us a glimpse into your creative practices and offerings of learning how to Travel by Moonlight. It also feels like coming home when I came to read your blog, just like I did for so many years even before your mandala practice. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information in your blog posts thus far. They really helped me. Tonight I went to a full moon ceremony and meditation. It was so powerful as we burned our list of things that no longer serve us, under the brilliant light of this full moon. You and your teachings tie right in with my journey and I’m just so darn excited that you will be a part of my moonlight journey. Now to check my email! Love & Light, always.

    1. Sweet Peg, I truly does feel like a homecoming for many of us. I’m so glad for you that you had the opportunity to participate in a full moon ceremony and meditation. Those are so very powerful. You’ve given me an idea for hosting an online event for us all to connect in real time. I’m happy to hear that what I’m fascinated by and writing about aligns with what you are seeking. Yay!!! Here’s to sharing our love for grandmother moon.(((soul hugs)))

  3. I love this post about the eclipse and Full Moon in Libra. When I pulled my cards a few days ago. (Before reading this post. ) I too had the ace of pentacles and the 4 of wands. I love how you speak on the anger aspects. As well as how you mindfully integrated with the art. Thank you 🙏🦋

    1. Thank you Nikki for sharing your experience of working with Tarot. It is a great tool to help us to read the energies of the moment. Glad you resonated with how I’m talking about anger. I use to feel uncomfortable with the subject. Now I feel we need to nurture healthy forms of expressing it. It is time to no longer hold it in! (((soul hugs))) Kathryn

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