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Sagittarius New + Full Moons

altar table with mandala art with Sagittarius symbols

Six years ago my friend Swati opened the door to astrology for me. In that time, I dove deep into learning the archetypal meanings of the zodiac signs, planets, and houses. Each month, I’d ‘travel by moonlight’ noting the full moon and new moon. I started to keep track of different events and discovered some patterns.

  • Every six months the moon is in the same sign but different phase, either full moon or new moon.
  • The moon is particularly potent when it is in the same sign as the sign my natal sun, moon, mid-heaven (MC).
  • Consider the qualities of the sign that is opposite the moon on the zodiac wheel to look for why there may be tensions or better yet answers on how to harmonize during turbulent times.
  • Year over year what has happened with the moon in that phase and sign?
  • News moons are typically the time for setting intentions.
  • Full moons are often a time to see what has come full circle. It may be a goal was achieved and it is a time to celebrate. Or, you may be ready to celebrate in a different way recognizing how you’ve outgrown something or someone. It may be a limiting belief or relationship that no longer protects and serves you.

Let’s take a closer look at the Sagittarius new and full moons. This archetype is characterized by:

  • The archer who aims her bow and arrow high as she is a BIG dreamer
  • Looking upward and outward in life
  • Adventurous spirit with a longing for that feeling of freedom
  • Honesty, sometimes a little too honest and known for telling it like it is
  • Open-minded and broadens the mind through higher learning
  • Optimistic, charismatic, fun-loving
  • Loves to travel and discover new places, people, cultures

Open your calendars and journals to see what was happening in your life on or around the following dates:

May 23, 2023Full Moon
December 12, 2023New Moon
May 23, 2024Full Moon
Sagittarius Moons
mandala art with Sagittarius symbols, crown chakra, and throat chakra
Sagittarius New Moon Mandala (R) and Sagittarius Full Moon Mandala (L) using stencils from StencilGirl Products.

Here is a look at what happened for me.

May 23, 2023 (Full Moon Sagittarius) – At lunch, I found myself sitting next to the Manager of the team that I was interested in transferring into. This was unexpected as we are based in two different coasts, she in California on the Pacific Coast and I’m based in Massachusetts on the Atlantic Coast. In that moment, I spontaneously asked her if she would consider hiring me to work on her team. Her eyes lit up as though she just learned that she won the lottery and without hesitation said yes. We chatted a bit about what that role could look like. She even got it approved but we were blocked by a company wide freeze on hiring, which was followed by lay-offs.

December 12, 2023 (New Moon) – The day before the new moon, I was inspired by a panel discussion hosted at work by the Women’s Leadership Network where three women who sit on our company’s board talked about taking risks in their careers. Inspired, I reached out to the director of my team who is a few levels above me. I knew he had travelled in that week from Ireland so there was a chance that I could meet with him. This felt risky as I have never reached out to him like this. He was so open and picked the following day on the new moon no less. It was a fun and energetic conversation and I was prepared in my head with stats and data to support the vision I had for the new position. To concretize the vision, I followed up with a written note outlining the areas of risk, how I’d solve for them, and how I was uniquely qualified for the role.

May 23, 2024 (Full Moon Sagittarius) – Fast forward to this week and I’m now transitioning into the new position! Yahoo!!!

When the time came for the program manager of my team to talk to me about moving into this new role, the story of Excalibur came to mind. In the myth, Merlin the wizard placed an enchantment on the Excalibur sword and only the true king, a young boy named Arthur raised in secret, would be able to pull out the sword. Likewise, this job that I had proposed had my name on it all along. It was just a matter of right timing for me to be able to pull out the sword. Did the deal come through as I had envisioned it? Not exactly. There are still some barriers in terms of job classification and compensation that I can’t really get into here but suffice it to say, I love the work and people. I’ll spend the next three months working on laying a foundation and will follow up on negotiations at the next milestone, the fiscal new year.

Chariot Tarot by Jayne Evans

It isn’t easy waiting for ‘divine timing’ especially if we feel the Sagi spirit of wanting to get up and get started. Througout the year, I found myself pulling the chariot Tarot card again and again. Whenever I see this card, I see myself with reigns in hand and balancing the yin and yang energies as depicted by the black and white horses in the painting by Jayne Evans. Practicing patience during times of waiting is eased by taking preparatory actions like taking a class and reading books, or my favorite pastime, creating expressive mandala art and blogging.

mandala art with Sagittarius symbols and crown chakra and throat chakra

Pictured on the left was the new moon mandala using the 4 gates mandala stencil and the crown chakra that represents the expansive feeling of possibility and opportunities. On the right is a mandala for the Sagittarius new moon. The four corners are flanked with flames to convey the fiery nature of Sagi but I wanted to keep the center calm and peaceful using cool colors of blue and violet. I reached for the throat chakra mandala stencil as I want to nurture a positive and peaceful way of communicating that is patient and kind.

I read somewhere a saying that goes, “We have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. Talk less and watch and listen more.” I find when I speak less, what I convey is heard more.

There are a couple of takeaways from this post:

  1. Take your time getting to know the zodiac signs, planets, and houses at each lunation.
  2. Truth telling to yourself will get you the best results.
  3. Learn to trust your intuition and gut reactions.
  4. Keep a log of dates and events. Cross reference them with lunar cycles.
  5. Believe in yourself and the possibilities of your dreams. When you doubt yourself, you’ll never be able to pull out YOUR Excalibur sword.
  6. Following moon cycles is fun!

In the next post, I’ll share the story of how the recent Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Transit resulted in a major plot twist in my life. I even have some videos for that post. Stay tuned!

If you are just discovering my blog and want to learn more about Traveling by Moonlight to Collect Pearls, check out my other posts. Get your stencils at StencilGirl Products to easily draw your own mandala art.

Until the next post. Stay tuned!
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

2 thoughts on “Sagittarius New + Full Moons”

  1. So enlightening. Although I now know about setting intention during the New Moons and checking to see what has happened during a Full Moon, I have not explored it in depth and have not checked with what is going astrologically. I’d would rather do that with someone who is more qualified than me in astrology. Thank you for sharing. I am staying tuned as I truly enjoy reading and learning from your blog. Love the mandalas, as always.

    1. Hi Catherine, I’m so glad you enjoy reading my posts. I highly recommend keeping a log of what is happening at each new moon and full moon. When the moon is in your sun sign or moon sign at the new or full moon, pay particular attention. I found that BIG things happen for folks when the moon lands on these personal transits, like closing on a home, ending an unhealthy relationship, or meeting someone special. Thanks for tuning into my blog musings.

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