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Summer Solstice + Full Moon Capricorn

mandala art flower of life and labyrinth

This week the sun moves into the sign of Cancer, the summer solstice is on Thursday, June 20th and the Full moon is on Friday, June 21st. Let’s unpack this together!

Summer Solstice Mandala

For starters behold my summer solstice mandala inspired by the flower of life at the center. I detail how to draw the flower of life in my book, “The Mandala Guidebook.” (As I write this, I see that my book is on sale on Amazon.) The summer solstice is the midway part of the year and a time to celebrate the long, glorious days of summer.

Do you recall your intentions at the start of the year? This midway point is a good time to check in and renew or decide on new intentions for the next 6 months.

From Denise Linn’s The Sacred Forest Oracle deck, I picked two cards that capture the spirit of this moment and share excerpts.

Spirit Guardian of Summer (Expansion) – The energy of summer is the energy of working with passion in the direction of your dreams. Give it everything you’ve got and immense reward will follow. Do not sit on the sidelines. Work hard; play hard. Your labor will pay off. If you hold back and repress what you feel during this time, you will become drained and your spirit will wane.

(Note: When we look to nature, we see how things grow in abundance. What wishes and intentions in your life are ready to expand and grow?)

Earth Spirit (Stability) – It’s time too take measure of your life and put your roots down. Assess who you are and where you are. Make plans for the future…think things through before you take action.

(Note: This card is a good segue to the Capricorn Full Moon.)

Capricorn Full Moon Mandala

Drawing inspiration from another exercise in my book, I drew a labyrinth at the center. Unlike mazes where you can get lost, the labyrinth has a single path that leads to the heart of the design and you travel back along the path you came in to find your way out. You can’t get lost. The way of the labyrinth reminds me of the steady pace Capricorn works to reach her goals. Slow and steady. The words at each gate are reminders of Capricorn’s wisdom.

Commitment – What are you ready to make a commitment to?
Plan – Set milestones and be sure to celebrate along the way.
Routines – There is a proverb that goes something like, if you want to see what your future will be, look at what you are doing today. Do you want to be an artist? Then make time to create. Do you want to be a writer? Make time to write. If you want to be a healthy weight, then live the lifestyle that supports what you desire.
Discipline – Discipleship is dedication to something you value and what’s important to you.

I colored this mandala starting at the center and chose a garnet red color to connect with the root energy. Capricorn is an earth sign and working with the color red is very grounding. As I moved to the 1/2 way point, I chose a dark blue, a color that connects us with our third-eye the seat of our intuition. For the surrounding areas, the color violet is a blend of both the red and blue colors and connects us with divine wisdom through the upper most crown chakra. Consider which two colors you’ll work with that supports where you are at and where you want to build.

Capricorn ways of doing remind me of two cards from Collette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Deck. Here are a couple of excerpts with notes from me.

Building Blocks – Own your dream, and remember that you always have more than enough and you always are enough, so abundance is ever present.

(Note: Look at the foundation that the woman is standing upon and the blocks that are getting added. What foundations do you already have and which ones need support?)

By the Book – The essential meanings include abiding by social rules; conformity; respecting cultural or family customs; universal laws.

(Note: We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, in some settings like in the workplace there are structures in place with requirements necessary to move forward and upward.)

Who in your life exemplifies the qualities of Capricorn? For me, I always think of my grandmother who is pictured here. She graduated from nursing school in 1924. I recall her explaining to me about her daily routines which led to living a long and healthy life well into her 90’s.

As you reflect on your year so far and with the full moon in Capricorn that’s shining a bright light on where you are at, celebrate your successes and build on them, one step at a time.

One of my favorite things to do as I color my mandala art is to reflect on various themes. I hope you are inspired to find your own creative expression and use that space and time to reflect upon your year so far and where you want to head next. Do know this, you have the power to realize your dreams.

Join me in a couple of weeks for the New Moon in Cancer when we set new or renewed intentions and tap into what moves us. Use these two weeks to reflect and enjoy the lazy days of summer.

Until the next lunation,

(((soul hugs)))
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

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