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Zodiac Signs Polarities + Lunar Cycles 

Do you ever feel like a bundle of contradictions? Within each of us is a myriad of emotions, thoughts, and ways of being and doing. We can feel an internal pull and tug in different directions – one moment feeling clear headed, going with the flow, and in other moments triggered and emotional. Learning astrology can bring insight on what is happening. In this video, we’ll explore the polarities within the zodiac.

As we look at the zodiac pairs, you may recognize some of the relationships in your life. We’ll consider the age old question, “Do opposites attract?” and if that attraction leads to struggle or finding balance in our relationships.

Then we’ll look to Mama Kia, Grandmother Moon for guidance on working with lunar cycles at the new moon and full moon in a practice that brings harmony within ourselves, our relationships, and in all areas of life (home, work, body, mind, spirit). To add a creative twist to learning astrology, Kathryn Costa’s zodiac stencils make it easy and fun to create zodiac charts to learn about astrology and study the relationships of the 12 zodiac signs. No art experience required.

Astrology 101 Art Journal Video Lesson: Polarities & Lunar Cycles of the Zodiac

Show Notes

Featured Project – Create a “sun sign” zodiac chart using Kathryn’s Zodiac Chart stencil.

Get a free natal chart –

Download Zodiac Stencil Guide (pdf)

Dates of the Sun Signs

  • Aries – March 21 – April 19
  • Taurus – April 20 – May 20
  • Gemini – May 21- June 20
  • Cancer – June 21 – July 22
  • Leo – July 23 – August 23
  • Virgo – August 23 – September 22
  • Libra – September 23 – October 22
  • Scorpio – October 23 – November 21
  • Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21
  • Capricorn – December 22 – January 19
  • Aquarius – January 20 – February 19
  • Pisces – February 19 -March 20

Art Supplies Used in this Demo

Please note that I am an affiliate with Amazon. When you make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Thank you for your purchases, they support my work.

Zodiac Chart with Zodiac Symbols Stencil StencilGirl Products:…

watercolor paper Canson cold press 140 lb. 30 sheets, spiral bound, 9×12:

acrylic craft paint Select a rainbow of colors including the primaries (red, yellow, blue) and tones (black, white) so you can mix to create the colors to represent the four elements.

Lumiere paints

heavy body acrylic paints Winsor & Newton:

makeup sponges

paint brush, round pointed tip, size 2

palette – I use a recycled plastic lid from a to go container

white gel pen Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point:

black alcohol marker Sharpie –

charcoal pencils

colored pencils

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