What’s Your Relationship with Money?


What does your relationship with money look like?

When Sherina Mayani invited me to be an “expert” for her upcoming Money Flow Masterclass, I felt a lot of resistance. My initial reaction was, “I’m not an expert with money!” When I saw that the course tagline read, “create an epic business” I pushed back again and said to Sherina, “My audience is not made up of people building a business. There may be a few who are pursuing entrepreneurship but most of my audience is exploring their creativity and seeking ways to live joyfully.”

In our conversation, I learned that this series is focused on our relationship with money and the energy and mindsets around it. I realized that whether you are building a business or not, we all have a relationship with money and there would be lessons here we all could draw from and apply to where we are at in our lives.

As Sherina described her vision for this series, I liked how she invited each featured expert to prepare a 20 minute mini lesson. Some of the experts have finance backgrounds others like me explore our money relationships with different modalities. As we explore how we are with money, we can see how these same mindsets are affecting other areas in our lives. From talking with Sherina, it sounds like her line-up will be interesting and well rounded.

My challenge was to create a 20 minute mandala lesson, using tools and supplies found in every household, and accessible to those who don’t think they can draw or believe to be creative. In spite of the resistance I felt when invited to participate, I decided to take on this challenge.

The lotus metaphor shows us how to bloom in murky conditions.

I love my creative brain. Within hours of my conversation with Sherina, I explored my own relationship with money over the years and the image of the lotus came to mind. The lotus metaphor shows us how to bloom in murky conditions. I find hope in this image as it reminds me that I too can bloom where I am planted, even when the water is muddy.

If your money relationship needs some loving attention, check out my new Lotus Money Flow Mandala lesson that I prepared for Sherina’s Money Flow Masterclass. While I’m not an expert in finance, I am an expert on how we can shift our energy and mindset using the expressive arts.Stills-Member-April2018-MoneyFlow

I’m looking forward to this series and exploring my own relationship and mindsets with money. Already, I’m seeing a shift after creating my lesson for the series; my feelings about money and my purchasing decisions are changing. I also find that I’m taking the time to track income and expenses and evaluating where I need to put my precious time. I know I have more work to do in the area of money management and my lifelong relationship with money. What I do know is that I’m ready for some truth telling, to take off the blind fold, repair my little piggy bank and to learn, grow, nurture, and thrive in the area of money.

How about you? Are you ready to make some healthy shifts in your relationship with money? Join me!

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