Mandala Meditation: Jupiter Yantra



Dr. Wayne Dyer was right. There is a power in our intentions.

For my yantra series, I decided to work next with the Jupiter Yantra. Sarah Tomlinson writes in her book, Coloring Yantras, “This yantra is associated with the planet Jupiter, which – as the largest planet in our solar system – imparts a sense of vastness and an openness to new possibilities. The name Jupiter in Sanskrit means “the one who removes the darkness and brings light.”

My intention in creating this yantra was to open up to new ways of expanding my business and using my skills and talents in service for the highest good of all. Even before I drew a single line, I found myself following a trail of thoughts that led to exciting new ideas.

Creating this yantra coincided with the full moon this week. I’ve been studying the astrological archetypes and following the lunar cycles. The full moon in Capricorn – ruled by the planet Saturn – is about making plans and being disciplined to see them through.

As I colored this yantra, I found myself writing down detailed lists to plan the next steps in my husband’s new venture as well as projects that I’m currently developing. In the spirit of Capricorn, the question is what do I need to do each day to see these ideas through?

I look at this predominantly yellow yantra and I’m reminded of the Manipura chakra. “I can,” a phrase associated with this chakra echoes in my head as I look at the yantra. I do believe that I can and I will.


Sitting on my work table is this beautiful shell. Its silver spiral reminds me of Stage Three Turning Towards the Journey in the Great Round Series. It’s the stage we experience when we are ready to start something new. That something new may be a project, career change, or even a move. It may be welcoming a new baby or grandchild, starting a new course of study, or picking up a new hobby. Here we can see the silver spiral in the shell as a path leading outward or inward depending on how you look at it. In my case as I’m looking to expand my business, it’s an outward journey.

I see another path in this photo in the trail of twinkle lights reflected in the glass in the framed yantra. In many ways, I feel as though I’m connecting many dots as I follow my curiosity about many subjects. Here the dotted path is illuminated and reassures me that I’m heading in the right direction.

Now it’s your turn.

Whether you draw this yantra or another mandala or even pull out a mandala from a coloring book, you can add light to any situation that you are encountering. It all comes down to your intention and being open to listening to the wisdom of your soul. Use golds, silver, yellows, and white to color the mandala of your choosing. Follow your thoughts as you color. You may want to have a notebook or piece of paper to record your experience.

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