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Two Ways the Root Chakra is Helping Me

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One of the biggest delights this year has been how my journal workshops have turned out. When I put this idea out into the world in February, I wasn’t sure if anyone would sign up and if the idea would fly. It has turned out to be an amazing creative and SOULFUL journey for me and the participants.

Each workshop includes getting a gorgeous envelope in the mail with some little surprises tucked in that we use during the workshop. Participants find the Soul Journey guided meditation so relaxing and a way to tune in and listen to the widsom their soul. An oracle card is tucked inside the envelope; it is so fun to see how the message from the card is perfect for the person who gets it.

Kristens says, “Opening the envelope each month is better than my birthday and Christmas combined!”

Ann says, “I’m so glad that I gave myself this gift of time. It was so worth it.”

Yvonne says, “I felt so loved and nurtured.”

Allison says, “My favorite part is the Show & Tell, it’s where the magic happens. I get sooooo much out of other people’s experiences and insights. It seems like every time someone says something that just really gives me a “holy cow! wow!” moment.”

In the next workshop, we begin a new series where we explore the chakras where I combine my interest in the chakras, creating mandalas, and creative journal keeping. I’m offering the workshops a la carte so you can pick and choose when you want to participate. There is no obligation to do them all.

We begin with the root chakra which is about feeling safe, secure, connected, and peaceful. We’ll explore how this chakra connects with the four elements, air our mental state, water our emotions, fire our spiritual side, and earth our physical self.

As I’ve been preparing for this next workshop, I’ve been focusing on the root chakra and it has helped me in two ways. In one way, I’ve been aware of my body and have set positive intentions that guide me in making healthy choices. This week I’m down 16 pounds! (Update: 11 months later I’m 42 lbs lighter!) The root chakra meditations are also helping me to ground my emotions. I’m not sure if it is because we are in the eclipse season known to stir up strong emotions, or that I’m turning 50 this week, but my emotions have been high and low and everything in between. Connecting with my root chakra through meditations, affirmations, and art making has helped me to feel grounded and more like the calm center in the storm.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Learn about the root chakra.
  • Recognize the energies and qualities within yourself.
  • Balance body, mind, and spirit.
  • Connect with the wisdom of the turtle.
  • Create chakra mandala art.
  • Explore the topic with journal prompts.

You’ll receive:

  • A gorgeous envelope in the mail filled with surprise goodies to use in your journal.
  • Instant access to resources to get started balancing your root chakra.
  • An invitation to the new Journal Circle. It’s a private website for sharing your journals and experiences. It’s open to everyone who has taken one of the journal workshops.
  • Chakra template for creating a chakra mandala sun catcher using a recycled CD.

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I’d love to share this creative and soulful journey through the chakras!

Kathryn Costa


Your Questions Answered

“Do you find that the day you really resist creating a mandala is the very day you NEED to do one?”

Most definitely! It is true that when I feel resistance, it is a time when I need to show up. Invariably, when I break through those feelings of resistance and restlessness, I end up creating some of my favorite works of art and my energy and emotions shift to feeling lighter and more grounded.

When resistance strikes, I notice what is going on. It may be that I’m exhausted and need a nap! More often, I have some emotions that want my attention and this is when I sit before the circle with an open heart. To get things started, I’ll draw a grid as it is an easy starting point. Then I’ll allow the pattern to emerge without thinking too much. Playing some light music also helps to soothe my soul as I create. I reach for colors that I find attractive in the moment. Some days, the colors are vibrant and others light and soft. Sometimes the palette is warm and other times it is cool. I trust my intuition to guide me. As an alternative activity, you may trace a circle and then pull out some pastels and work organically.

My background in studying the Great Round comes into play as I use what I’ve learned to interpret the colors, symbols, and overall design of my mandala. I notice the thoughts and feelings as I work and I enjoy being the sacred observer as I watch the mandala emerge. I enjoy sitting with my mandala and journal as I make connections between what I’ve created and what is going on in my life at the moment.

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