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Omega Family Week Mandala Program


My first experience at Omega Institute will stay with me always!

For starters I arrived on Sunday, July 29th on my 50th birthday! Each person who said yes to my program was the very best birthday present I could ask for. What a gift for me to do what I love, to create and connect and to share my passion for mandalas.


This week I opened a door for many who found themselves drawing for the first time in many years. What joy to see them light up as their first mandalas came together. I often feel like a head magician revealing the magic tricks.


One very special gift was the opportunity to spend the week with Anne, a member of my online mandala community. For a few years now, Anne has taken my online classes and we’ve connected through threaded discussions, e-mails, and an occasional Zoom chat.

Anne writes, “It was such a pleasure to be able to take your class with you in person.  You created a warm and accepting environment for all of us learners.  I love the way you helped us to be mindful always that we are doing more than drawing lines and coloring, that this is really soul work.”



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I am so proud of each and every participant. They stretched out of their comfort zones. They experimented with color and form. They discovered how their mandalas were much more than pretty pictures, and opened up to listening to their mandala stories and the wisdom from their wise inner selves. In one week over 100 mandalas were created!

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Until then,

Kathryn Costa

Opportunities to connect with me online.

Great Round – Fascinating study of the meaning of our mandalas. Discover your mandala stories. Next course begins August 26th. Instructor led.

Soul Journey Mandalas – Each mandala lesson includes a recorded Soul Journey and an activity guide (pdf) with reflection questions to go with each mandala project. Sample the first lesson to connect with your Soul Tree. Self Paced.

Journal Workshops – These interactive online workshops offer a unique experience combining Soul Journeys, oracle cards, creative journal prompts, time to create, and time for connecting with other participants. The next workshop begins a series through the chakras starting with the root chakra. Limited spaces.

Mandala Drawing I – Ten video lessons focused on geometric style mandalas. Each video is under ten minutes to get you creating quickly and successfully. Self Paced.

Color I – Always reaching for the same colors? Do you want to boost your color confidence? Maybe you want to invest in some coloring supplies and lost by the many options. This course is in two parts where part one offers a range of product demos and part two covers an introduction to color theory for the mandala enthusiast. Self Paced.

Sharing Circle – Free membership website for mandala enthusiasts. Includes monthly mandala challenges.



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