Rediscovering a Little Treasure Box

TreasureBox1Originally published five years ago on June 29, 2013. I’m grateful that Fernando continues to be healthy and well.

My morning started with an unexpected visit to the Emergency Room. My husband was concerned that he was having a heart attack. In the three hours that we were there, I went from a quiet panic thinking I might lose my husband the same year I lost both of my parents, to feeling calm and confident that my husband has a strong heart and will be more than okay, he will be great.


By the afternoon, I was worn out and completely exhausted. My nerves were raw and I was feeling so vulnerable. Not only was the morning stressful, but I’ve been revisiting some unresolved issues from my past as I lead the Journey of the Heart online class. Tears come easily for me when I’m feeling vulnerable. They help me to release the stress in my body. I hugged my pillow and fell into a deep slumber.


When I woke up I was still feeling vulnerable and wishing I had my mother to comfort me. As I sat on the edge of my bed, I took off my watch and it fell to the floor. Something in my head told me to look under the bed. I generally don’t store stuff under the bed, but there was a basket with some odds and ends that I didn’t know what to do with and tucked inside was the tiny little treasure chest my mother had given me.




I had long forgotten this little sparkly box. I opened it up and found her little note tied with a red ribbon.




It reads, “The next time you feel out of sorts or just can’t cope, open this box.”




Inside you will find a mirror, look at it, in case you’ve forgotten, remember who you are.




Some extra hearts in case yours gets worn out.




A broomstick to fly away when it all gets to be too much.


An angel available 24/7 in case all the others are busy.




Some stars to remind you to reach for them when life gets too earthbound,




and a turtle to remind you to slow down.




Finding this little treasure chest from my mom was a reminder that she is close by to comfort me and that I’m loved.


One parting thought, I absolutely love my deck of Virtue cards. Quite randomly the top card today was “strength.” The following lines from the card stand out:


We grow in strength as we tackle life’s challenges
with courage and determination.
We deepen in strength when we
choose gentleness and practice patience.


My husband and I spent some time together cuddling up this evening and chatting about how grateful we are that he is in good health. We feel ready for the next chapter in our life.


If you are tackling life’s challenges, feel free to swing by here any time and look inside the sweet little treasure chest from my mom.


{soul hugs}
Kathryn Costa


PS – It warmed my heart to rediscover once again the little treasure box from my mom.


3 thoughts on “Rediscovering a Little Treasure Box”

  1. Kathryn, this is awesome from your mum. My mum has given me a similar little letter and many of her little things to help me when she is gone. she has just gone into Care. I have written down your mum’s message and I have each of the things in my home now but not in a box which is OK. I will put your mum’s message with my mum’s. I am glad Fernando’s heart is strong. xoxo susanJOY PS you are such a blessing to me

    1. Hi Susan Joy! Thanks for stopping by. You can make your own treasure chest to put the treasures that your mother gave you. You are so creative and it would be a fun project. I’m so happy that we’ve reconnected and you are enjoying the journal workshops.

      1. Kathryn, at the moment I have reminders of mum throughout my home. there are so many things she has bought or given me that were hers. I have some of her rings on my fingers! she is always with me. DId I mention a tradition my friend Jamie Ridler does. each year she buys a piece of jewelery to celebrate her mum who has been dead now for a few years. Jamie and her mum loved jewelery. I will start a tradition when mum dies. Do you have one? xoxo susanJOY

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