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Planning Your Creative Lulls

Creative cycles are normal.

The ebb and flow of my creative cycles can be extreme, marked by times of high productivity and manic moments where I get little sleep. I love the rush that comes from a million ideas flowing and I’m energized by the insights and connections that happen. Maintaining this intensity is humanly impossible. Invariably the tide turns and the ebb pulls back the energy, crashing my body that demands sleep. Either I drop from exhaustion or I fall ill. The creative lull kicks in and it generally takes time to get my creative juices flowing again.


In recent months, I’ve been focusing on the chakras which has me observing my energy levels, noticing what gives me energy and what zaps my energy.

For many weeks now, I’ve been in that glorious creative flow.


I’m curious to know, “How can I sustain my creative flow so I don’t crash?”


While the answer may seem obvious and simple to some, changing up my habits, isn’t so easy. I’ve had a breakthrough thanks to working with the root chakra. I’m realizing that I need to not only eat for energy and get to bed early, but I also need to schedule my creative lulls.


When my husband approached me on Saturday afternoon inviting me to go on a spontaneous road trip to Maine for the weekend, I couldn’t resist. I quickly packed a bag and we headed to Camden, Maine where we stayed for two nights.

Here was my chance to do an experiment, to leave everything behind and enjoy some R&R. No agenda. No to do list. No expectations.

Could this overachieving, workaholic truly getaway?

Can you even plan your creative lulls?

Even before we left the driveway, I felt like a kid.

“Adventure is out there!!” I exclaimed quoting my favorite character from UP!


There were magical moments at every turn.

At the top of Mount Battie, we watched the sunset on one side of the mountain and the nearly-full moon rise on the other side. Since it was also the Autumn Equinox, I thought about my personal harvest, the many lessons and blessings since the Spring Solstice.

I’m sure you are curious to see the view. I promise to show you when I get my hands on my husband’s photos. He has a sweet Sony camera and a talent for capturing landscapes.


Most people know me for my work with mandalas. Rightly so as I paused a lot of my other interests and pursuits to focus on this one area. For about four years I’ve been studying and building a body of work around mandalas to include my book, workshops, and programs.

Before this all-things-mandala period, I loved going on outings with my camera and blogging about my creative and soulful life. While my husband has a knack for landscapes, I take the type of photos that you see in this post – vignettes, stolen moments, ordinary objects overlooked by most people – and where the elements of line, shape, texture, and color come together. Typically my subjects don’t move and are naturally poised in day light. In other words, I photograph still life.


Every sense was delighted on this trip.

We stopped in a yarn shop in Camden, Maine. I don’t knit or crochet, but perhaps one day I will so I can start collecting luscious skeins of yarn.

I adore color and I’m impressed with its healing properties; it can be energizing or calming. Each color has a vibrational frequency that corresponds to the chakra points in our bodies. I’ve been exploring and experimenting with the healing aspects of color in my chakra series.


On our way home, we stopped at Popham Beach, a location that has been on my bucket list for 7+ years. While others look for shells and other treasures to collect, I collect interesting shadows.


I also steal shots of Mr. Wonderful who refuses to pose for my photos.


Here’s a look at Fort Popham. Doesn’t it look so medieval? I love the lighting, colors, and textures.


Wherever I go, I carry a little notebook to record my ideas and creative flashes. This trip offered lots of inspiration for my upcoming workshops and programs, especially the sacral chakra which is about passion, creativity, and play.

Here I kicked off my shoes to show off my cute little iridescent blue toes. “Making Waves” was the name of the color and another example of a recent spontaneous outing where a friend and I took a morning off to have breakfast in Portsmouth, NH followed by getting pedicures. It felt so luxurious, nurturing, and decadent to pause the work to practice some self-love.

This stepping stone is one of several that you’ll find just outside the Camden Public Library.


I’ll leave you with this last photo taken at Peter Ott’s on the Water Restaurant in Camden. From where I was sitting, my view was of a fireplace with this fabulous distressed wood and jar of flowers.

For 2-1/2 days and two nights, I left my work behind. I unplugged from social media and savored time with my husband, camera, and the beautiful setting. I came back feeling so rested, rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to dive back into my creative work.

I also rediscovered my love for photography and blogging.

Now, I’m eagerly awaiting my next creative lull. I wonder where the adventure will take me?

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{soul hugs}


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  1. Thank you Kathryn for sharing your thoughts and feelings during these two wonderful days. I’m going to buy a new camera, because I have felt since a few months that I need to take pictures again.

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