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How I Celebrated…


Last week marked one year since I left the day job and set out to work for myself. I can hardly believe that I’m here a year later and still waking up on Monday mornings,  walking to a room in my home to work. Pinch me!

Celebration is so important! As a recovering perfectionist and a highly creative person with a brain that is often buzzing with exciting new ideas, I’ve learned that my spirit needs me to take breaks and to honor all that I achieve.

My husband and I like to celebrate over a good meal. Yesterday we decided to drive from our home in New Hampshire down to Rhode Island. With the help of Google, I found the Boathouse in Tiverton, RI where we found waterfront dining.


I appreciate a beautifully plated dish featuring a new-to-me recipe. I enjoyed the bed of polenta seasoned delicately with a seafood broth and topped with ribbons of carrot and celery and shrimp. One word – delish!

I’m so grateful to have my Mr. Wonderful who enjoys discovering new places to dine and celebrate. We toasted to a successful first year with pear martinis.


A Trust in Right Timing

Outside the restaurant were shrubs of tired hydrangea spotted with a few late bloomers. I’ve often thought of myself as a late bloomer but these days my mindset has shifted. I see myself as blooming at just the right time.


I didn’t see the rays of colored light when I took this photo, but looking at it now, it reflects the good energy that surrounds me these days.


Commemorative Gifts

On big milestones and accomplishments, I often pick out a commemorative gift. For many years, I’ve wanted a Tibetan singing bowl and Tingsha cymbals set. I used it for the first time this morning and I absolutely love the sound and the feeling of it resonating in my hand.

My intention is that I’ll use this bowl to tune into my intentions to build a successful creative and soulful business. With the help of the bowl, I’ll send out a call in the form of a beautiful vibration that will go out into the world and reach those who feel a resonance to work with me.

A Painful Lesson

As I think about my MO, modus operandi, and how I want to sell my programs and offerings, I truly want them to feel like invitations and opportunities. A recent experience at a conference sensitized in me how I don’t want to sell.

Here’s the story.

I signed up to receive a ten-minute sample of a healing practice that I’m curious to learn more about. I’m considering even investing in training to integrate it into my practice. The coach was smart, intuitive, and very good at getting to the heart of an issue that I’m worried about. The cord that she struck was around whether or not I can be successful and healthy. Can I be both? I’ve had a track record of diving into my work and neglecting my health. My calendar for 2019 is filling up with so many amazing opportunities to teach in New England, New York, and around the world! While I’m so excited and know that I’m ready for these opportunities I fear, “Will my health suffer?” Here I am down 30 lbs and my wellness journey is really just getting off the ground. Heavy tears flowed down my face as I faced this fear.

Truth telling isn’t easy. This year I’ve made a commitment to facing the truth. I know it’s the only way to transform and change. So far this year, facing my fear has proven to me that new doors will open up and I feel empowered and confident in saying “yes” to me.

The difference between the truth telling that I had been doing and the truth telling sitting here in the middle of a conference room was what happened next. After getting to a vulnerable place and time was up, the coach shifted gears using strong sales tactics to get me to buy a coaching session with her. I recognized her approach as I’ve been in trainings where they emphasize, “find their pain points and then sell them a solution.”

It didn’t feel good to be “sold to” especially when feeling so raw. It didn’t feel caring. I was genuinely interested in what she had to offer and recognized her talent, but I wasn’t ready in that moment to buy. This was a discovery session and an opportunity to learn what was involved so I could work it into my 2019 plan. My budget was not going to budge for her offer. When it came to selling, her intuition and smartness were thrown out the window. She made the mistake with me to try to convince me that I needed her services now rather than listen to what I thought I was ready for. She made it about the sale, not about the person.

I went home feeling so stirred up and angry. As I sat with those intense feelings I told my husband, “I hope that I don’t ever do this to another person. I don’t want anyone to feel what I’m feeling right now.” While it is important to convey how my programs will be helpful, my approach is to offer an invitation. The marketing experts say that I’ll miss out on sales. My feeling is I’d rather have people trust me and resonate with what I have to offer and not feel pressured. They say that excitement doesn’t motivate people and only pain does. I’m not buying it. Maybe I’m wrong? I’m willing to do an experiment in kindness in this next year and to see how it will serve my business.


Here I am looking out on the next year and thinking about how I’ll show up in your inbox, on social media and Youtube, in workshops and coaching sessions. I believe that I can be successful in business and at the same time caring, thoughtful, and honest. I’ll sing that song with my new bowl when I pick it up for my morning meditation.

Here’s to celebrating the next chapter in this creative and soulful journey! Thank you for sharing this adventure. I’m so glad you are here.

{soul hugs}



8 thoughts on “How I Celebrated…”

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    I have been a fan of yours for a long time. Always motivated and encouraged by you! I have never felt you being pushy, even though I have not been able to buy any of your classes, I did win one once and loved it. I would not like the pressure or pushiness either and I hope you stay the way you are in you feelings of inviting others to join you. Some of us just don’t have the time or money to do so. Lately I can only pop into 100 Mandalas once in a while. Yet I think about it often. Even turned in some Mandalas for banners again this year. I would never had created them if it wasn’t for your book and encouragement.

    On the celebrations note, we like to travel to celebrate also.
    Stay true to yourself and take care of yourself.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave me a note. I love hearing from you. I’m glad your experience has never felt like I was pushy or salesy. How wonderful that you’ve had more of your mandala art tuned into banners for your town again this year. I’d love to see photos of them hanging up when you do. Travel is a great way to celebrate. I’ll be sending out invitations in the weeks to come to travel with me to some incredible destinations…it would be incredible if one day we did a trip together! Now that would be a celebration of our creative connection.

      {soul hugs}

  2. Hi Kathryn, I love reading about your journey and have been a follower of yours for several years. I have never felt that you pushed your classes on anyone and you have been very generous in sharing ideas and instructions for free. I totally understand that you now have to support yourself through your classes. I have not been able to sign up for them due to budget constraints, but will continue to follow you and keep up my mandala practice. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to take more of your classes. Best wishes for your continued success.

    1. Thank you Sandra for your note. As I look to what I’ll be offering in 2019, my plan is to continue the monthly challenges as a way of offering something for free. The Sharing Circle will also be a free space too. I’m so happy that you love reading about my journey. I do hope to keep up the blogging as I have so many incredible adventures lined up!

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