Dreams do come true! Here’s How…

Each year, my life keeps getting better and better. In fact, the more risks I take, the more wondrous things happen.

One activity I do at the start of the year is to create a “dream wheel” which is basically a vision board in a circle. A vision board has images and words that reflect your dreams, aspirations, hopes, and vision that you have for your life.

I keep my dream wheel hanging up in my studio so I can see it every time that I walk in. I also keep a picture of it as the wall paper on my phone.

Looking back on dream wheels from previous years can reveal dreams that have come true and clues as to what’s emerging. I couldn’t believe what I saw in my 2017 dream wheel.

There’s evidence of three places where I’ve been invited to teach in 2019 – India, Bali, and Peru. While those purple mountains may not literally be from Peru, they are symbolic to me of that region. 

One Mistake in Most Vision Boards – Too Many Words

You’ll notice that I don’t load up my vision boards with too many words or quotes. I am very discerning about what makes it onto the board. Images are far more powerful than words as we connect more intuitively with pictures. Words require us to “think”by reading and interpreting the words. Thinking isn’t the way to manifest your dreams. You want to get to that place of feeling it. When words are used, I use short phrases that are descriptive like “be the guide” or convey a feeling as in “have a ball.”

There are more clues found within this dream wheel of dreams that came true two years after making it. Let’s take a closer look.

The statue of liberty placed in front of a clock signaled that it was time to strike out on my own leaving a the “safe” day job. Eleven months later, I did just that!

I now work from home which we see as the central image of this dream wheel. Here a house is fashioned out of currencies from various countries illustrating how I’m making money serving people all over the world while working from home. That’s exactly what I’m doing these days with my online classes. Do you see the three mandalas in the house?

There is a lot more going on in this collage that relates to where I’m at in my work and life. You’ll see a couple of chakras which have been the focus of a new online workshop series this year. The workshops offer a fun, creative, and integrative approach to learning about and healing with chakras. (See: Chakra Workshops)

Working with the chakras is helping me to find more balance in my life by tuning into my body, mind, and spirit.

And the best part of this dream come true story? I’m having a ball with everything that I’m doing as I continue to build my creative business and lead a soulful life.

What’s your vision for 2019?
Let’s discover it together.

Every year I host the Inspired Vision Retreat. This year it starts on January 11, 2019 and includes video lessons and gorgeous pdf downloads of my go-to activities that help me to refine my vision for the next year.

New for 2019 is an interactive webinar that includes getting a gorgeous envelope in the mail with some goodies tucked inside, a Soul Journey guided meditation, oracle card reading, time to work on one of the projects, and Show & Tell with other kindred spirits.

I hope you are inspired to learn more and join me!

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