What doors will you open in 2019?


Scroll down to see what’s behind each door. Know that you have the key to unlock any of these doors. That’s right, because YOU are the key.


Join me in Bali in 2019!

BALI offers the perfect destination to nourish the body and mind as you awaken your creative spirit. Throughout this heart opening experience, you’ll nurture your body with Bali’s famous spa treats, connect to your soul’s wisdom in daily guided meditations, and learn about Tri Hita Karana, Bali’s philosophy for living a harmonious life. Workshops include learning how to make an offering basket and the ritual practice for it, visiting the sacred Monkey Forest, and creating your own batik fabric with master artisans. Kathryn’s workshops will guide you in integrating the beauty, sacredness, and creativity of these experiences with expressive art projects.

October 23 to November 1, 2019

Deposit $500

Monthly payment plans available.

3% discount if paid in full by check.

Pricing will be announced soon.

Early bird discount the first two weeks of announcement.

If you want to get the information before it is announced, send an email to and specify the trip you are interested in.


Join me in India in 2020!

INDIA known for its rich spiritual traditions, exquisite art and savory foods will delight your body, mind, and spirit. Imagine yourself on the famous Ganges River in Rishikesh for the powerful and uplifting spiritual Aarti Ceremony where little small lamps with a candle and flowers float down the river. In Kathryn’s workshops, you’ll learn about the chakras, recognize how these energy centers are impacting your health, and create chakra inspired art. We’ll participate in the spring festival, Holi also known as the “festival of colors.” Additional workshops include creating mandala designs with rice and flowers, exploring the art of mehndi, daily meditations and laughing yoga, touring the spiritual cities of Haridawar and Rishikesh, and visiting a variety of religious centers to explore the unique cultures, religious rituals, and ashram life.

March 11 to 23, 2020

Deposit $500

Monthly payment plans available.

3% discount if paid in full by check.

Pricing will be announced soon.

Early bird discount the first two weeks of announcement.

If you want to get the information before it is announced, send an email to and specify the trip you are interested in.


Join me in Peru in 2020

Imagine starting a new year and a new decade in Peru!

PERU, a deeply spiritual land with healing energies and time-honored practices, sets the stage for setting powerful intentions for what you want to cultivate in your life. We’ll begin in a small camp located in the heart of the Amazon where you’ll experience a cleansing ceremony with a local shaman. You’ll learn about medicinal plants and their healing powers to cure illness. Kathryn’s workshops, rooted in the four elements of air, water, fire, and earth include guided meditations and expressive art projects designed for insight, self expression, and healing. You’ll be inspired by the beauty of this land, it’s peoples, and the colorful artisan traditions. Following this experience, there will be an optional add-on tour to Machu Picchu where you’ll connect to the energy of this spiritually powerful place.

January 1-8, 2020 – Amazonia in Peru

January 8-13, 2020 – Machu Picchu add-on trip

Deposit $500

Monthly payment plans available.

3% discount if paid in full by check.

Pricing will be announced soon.

Early bird discount the first two weeks of announcement.

If you want to get the information before it is announced, send an email to and specify the trip you are interested in.


Coaching with Kathryn Costa

Meaningful connections are so important to me and I’m excited to bring my years of experience and training to work with you 1:1 in 2019.

Here are three ways we can dive deep together.

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching offers support when:

  • You desire change in your life especially when experiencing fear, procrastination, perfectionism, resistance, feelings of overwhelm, doubt, difficulty making time, self sabotage, idea-bankruptcy, or difficulty returning to a creative endeavor.
  • You are looking to build a business, improve relationships, navigate life passages, or make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • You are tired of feeling hijacked by the ups and downs of creative cycles. You’re ready to understand your creative process and want to learn practices that are fun and effective.
  • You want to live life creatively, mindfully, and joyfully.

Learn More About Creativity Coaching

Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching is for you if you’re ready to:

  • align your inner spiritual life with your outer life
  • clear away mental, emotional, and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within
  • listen to and trust your intuition
  • find your inner answers so you can design a life that inspires you to follow your dreams
  • connect with the wisdom of nature and the four elements of air, water, fire, and earth
  • live your life with clarity, confidence, and joy

Learn More About Soul Coaching

Mandala Oracle Coaching

Mandala oracle coaching guides you in learning to listen to and trust your intuition as you create mandala art for self-expression and insight. In these sessions, we’ll explore the meaning of your mandalas. Each session includes a mandala meditation, time to create mandala art, and time for discussion. No art experience required.

Learn More About Mandala Oracle Coaching


Classes & Events

I have a great line up in 2019 with events at Kripalu, Omega Institute, Wainright House, Race Brook Lodge, and New Hampshire Institute of Art. Get the details!


Balance your body, mind, and creative spirit in 2019.

Are you ready to take a creative and integrated approach to healing your body, mind, and spirit? Chakras are centers that run along the spine where energy is stored, regulated, and distributed. This comprehensive workshop series introduces you to the many ways we can heal through sound, color, gemstones, and art. The course includes a rich resource library, quick self-assessments, meditations, chakra mandala art, as well as an introduction to various healing modalities.


This chakra course takes a creative approach to exploring the subject with Soul Journey guided meditations, oracle cards, beautiful envelopes that you get in the mail (yes real mail in this online course). 

No art experience necessary.

Chakra Online Workshops

Open Enrollment

Individual Workshops – Great option to try before you buy the entire series or if you want to take the series on your timetable and budget.

Buy the Series & Save

Payment Plans Available

Get the details and register:


What’s your mandala story?

Every mandala that we create reflects what’s happening in our lives and is a map of our subconscious mind. In the Great Round Mandala Course, you’ll observe the patterns in your life and bring clarity and focus during difficult transitions and exciting milestones. You’ll learn about the meaning of colors, shapes, and symbols. No art experience necessary.


Read what Kristen Boothe has to say about the Great Round Course:

“The program that I most enjoy and benefit from is the Great Round. These sessions provide new ways to look at my life and how I’m living it.

This will be my third year of doing the Great Round. I am so looking forward to diving deeper into creating mandalas for healing.

Kathryn’s wonderfully professional videos are straight forward, easy to follow and quickly accessible.

Most importantly, realizing that Kathryn has many students, I am constantly impressed by her quick responses to questions I have. I am very grateful to have this new process of creation, and Kathryn, in my life.”

Great Round Mandala Course

Begins: February 1, 2019

Online Course

Note: This course will only be offered this one time in 2019 and may not be offered in 2020 depending on my travel schedule.

Includes 14 video lessons

100+ mandala activities

1:1 coaching session with Kathryn Costa

Payment Plans available.

Get the details and register:


Inspired Vision Retreat

If you enjoyed the Solstice webinar, you’ll love the Inspired Vision Retreat. This event includes my favorite go to activities to start each year feeling inspired and with a clear vision. New this year will be a webinar event with a Soul Journey, Oracle Card Reading, and time to work on an activity.


Each participant gets a beautiful envelope in the mail with some “charming” contents to use during the webinar.

Course Begins: January 11, 2019

Webinar Sessions: January 18 or 19, 2019 (you pick one)

Order now to get your envelope in time!

Get the details and register:

Questions? Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with your questions. If you see something that you really want to do and a payment plan would help you, just ask.

Giving Credit: Awesome door images from Catherine Anderson’s Doorways & Openings Collection

Special Thanks to Mr. Wonderful who believes in me and is so understanding of the long hours that I am pouring into my work.

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