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January Mandala Challenge – Seeds of Possibilities

What are the many possibilities that await you in this new year?

The January Mandala Challenge called, “The Mandala of Many Possibilities” uses the design motif of little dots or stars to represent the many possibilities available to you in this moment. Think of these little dots as seeds of potential.

You may create your mandala using any medium and any style. The only requirement is to include lots of little dots or miniature stars in your final design. As you add the little dots to your mandala, use this creative time to reflect on the many opportunities and possibilities that await you in this new year.

For inspiration, check out these mandalas.

As you look up at the night sky, how do those stars line up? Here we see a million possibilities in this mandala.

Continuing with the mini star motif, here my sun is sleeping in a blissful state surrounded by numerous possibilities. Creating within the boundaries of a circle provides a feeling of safety and that’s definitely felt here with the rings of hearts.

In Tammy Murdock’s mandala we see seeds scattered in the light blue and light pink areas and collected in the center around the star. The compass design suggests a time for her to consider what’s next on her journey and the many possibilities. The bright yellow light adds a feeling of hope on the horizon.

Follow Tammy on Instagram Here.

Girma Girija has fallen in love with the technique of creating dot mandalas. The full bloom in her dot mandalas reflect Girma’s mastery of this style. The little dots suggest that she has planted some new seeds that will lead to new adventures.

Follow Girma on Instagram here.

A trail of dots outlining a Seed of Life mandala were added using my favorite white paint pen. When I created this mandala, I reflected on the various paths that are bringing me full circle. I wonder where they will take me next?

Now it’s your turn!

Mandala Challenge Details

  1. Create a mandala that includes a dot or mini star motif.
  2. Photograph or scan your mandala.
  3. Post it in the Sharing Circle on or before January 31, 2019. Not a member? Join Here for free!
  4. No limit to the number of entries.
  5. One winner will be randomly selected to receive a gift set of Saira Priest’s Floressence Flower Divination Deck.

Explore Your Mandala Stories

If you enjoy creating mandalas in a meaningful way, then you’ll love my Great Round Course that inspired this month’s challenge.

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Kathryn’s wonderfully professional videos are straight forward, easy to follow and quickly accessible.

Most importantly, realizing that Kathryn has many students, I am constantly impressed by her quick responses to questions I have. I am very grateful to have this new process of creation, and Kathryn, in my life.”

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