monthly mandala challenges

February Mandala Challenge

Spirals are a design motif that I’ve doodled, painted, and worked into my art and journals since I was a young girl. There is something so soothing and satisfying by the coiling and unwinding from a center point working our way outward, around and around.

February Mandala Challenge - Spiral Path Mandalas

In last month’s challenge, the theme we explored were the many possibilities that await us in the year ahead. The next step on this creative journey is to look within at one of those possibilities and travel along a spiral path, following our thoughts as we work our way outward. This project is inspired by another “stage” within the Great Round Course called, “Turning Toward the Journey.” As you travel along the spiral path of your mandala, consider what’s next for you. What journey are you turning toward?

What You’ll Need:

  • A quiet moment for drawing, reflecting, and journal writing. I gave myself an hour and found it so nourishing.
  • Relaxing instrumental music. Here’s one of my favorites.
  • Paper, any color, any type, use what you have.
  • Pen
  • Your favorite coloring supplies.

To create your Spiral Path Mandala:

Step 1: Set down your tools. This mandala is to be drawn freehand.

Draw your spiral path mandala by starting in the center and working your way outward.

Step 2: Start at the center of your paper and draw a spiral. Draw slowly to really feel the soothing quality of spiraling with intention.

Tip! Be sure to draw a wide enough path room enough for journal writing.

Step 3: Consider a word for the center of the mandala.

I selected the word, flourish, my word-for-the-year.
If you don’t have a word-for-the-year, select a word that is calling you in this moment.
You may find one from this list that resonates for you.
Or, another word may pop into your mind.

  • breathe
  • play
  • explore
  • reveal
  • unite
  • courage
  • trust
  • believe
  • nurture
  • transform
  • joy
  • create
  • craft
  • travel
  • grace

Step 4: Trace over your spiral with your pen, marker, or colored pencil and think about your one word. I like thickening the lines as it gives a little weight and depth to the design. It looks and feels less wonky to me.

Watch Out! Now if your inner critic starts chiming in, invite him or her to join me for coffee. We need to chat.

Step 5: Write your word in the center.

Step 6: Journal along the path. Follow your thoughts and allow the stream of consciousness to flow. You may start your journal writing by asking a question related to your one word as I did: “What does my body need to flourish?”

This is where my thoughts took me as I answered that question:

Deep breath.
My body wants me to
slow down
to add more expansiveness and spaciousness
into each day.
It feels so good to pause, even for one minute.
Okay, maybe a wee bit more like 5 minutes.
Pausing with eyes closed, feet on the ground
and focusing on my breath
observing my body
relax under each exhalation
energize with each inhalation.
I allow my thoughts to float
not trying to stop them.
Wherever I feel tension
in my body or
in worrisome thoughts
I gently and deeply
into the space
with loving awareness,
loving kindness.
This is how my
body, mind, emotions, and spirit
can flourish.

Step 7: Trace over your journal writing.
Like the step of tracing over the spiral, this slows you down to reflect on your one word and the path that you are on.

Don’t rush this exercise. It is important to sink into the moment.
When we slow down, we can see things.
When we slow down, answers arrive.
Allow those answers to bubble up and join you on your journey along the spiral mandala.

Step 8: Add color.
Follow the path again and again adding layer upon layer of color. Feel the rhythm of the spiral.

For my mandala, I used Prismacolor colored pencils.

Step 9: Scan or photograph your mandala art.

Step 10: Post your entry in the Sharing Circle
by February 28, 2019, midnight, EST.

Inspired to create more than one? Enter them all! No limit.

The Sharing Circle is a free membership website for mandala enthusiasts.
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One winner will be randomly selected to win the “Make Love Your Guiding Light” notebook from Kathryn Costa’s “Late Bloomer Collection.” This design is a featured project in her book, “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art.” The title of this mandala emerged after layering the background with random bits of sheet music and assorted papers.

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