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When Your Creative Flow Feels Frozen

Nature is absolutely incredible and powerful with many life lessons to teach. Last January, my husband and I went on one of our adventure rides and when we sat down for lunch, we looked out the window at this incredible view.

I bet you want to see more…keep scrolling.

To the left was a wall of ice.

Looking down we could see how the water had frozen but the force of the water was so powerful that it couldn’t be stopped or even slowed down.

When we finished our gourmet lunch at Simon Pearce in Quechee, Vermont, we walked around to get another view of this waterfall. If you look at the white part of the building, we sat at the far left window.

As I marveled at this wondrous site, I thought about my creative flow that often feels this powerful and unstoppable.

One important lesson from the river is that it keeps flowing, even when on the surface it looks frozen.

The river keeps flowing now matter what’s in it. How can you be like the every flowing river? What would it take to be unstoppable?

Our creativity isn’t always flowing or raging as we see in this photo. Clarissa Pinkola Estés calls that creative “spark” within us la chispa. Even though you may feel like your creativity isn’t flowing or that your creative “flame” has dimmed or that it’s been blown out completely, within you is a life force, an eternal spark however small. Nurture your chispa and it will grow.

Between my studies with Jill Badonsky’s Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, my work with the chakras, and my own experience as a highly creative person, I’ve learned a lot about creative blocks, creative flow, and nurturing la chispa.

I’ll be talking about one of those creative blocks, perfectionism in a free webinar chat called, “Recognizing and Releasing Perfectionism” this Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

Another offering that I have coming up on Friday, February 16, 2019 is the Sacral Chakra Online Retreat. The sacral chakra is the seat of our creativity and when we gently awaken it, we get unstuck. My three hour webinars are full of magic, synchronicity, creativity, and connection.

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  1. I would have loved to participate to the webinar but it’s too late for me in Switzerland. Will it ne recorded?

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