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Timing is Everything

Inside Kathryn Costa's Vision Journal 2019 Planner. Timing is everything

“Timing is Everything” jumps off the first page in my planner and I instantly feel reassured that no matter what stage a project is in, I can trust the timing of my life.

I need this reassurance again and again. I get so excited about my projects and collaborations. My enthusiasm is one of my super powers that fuels me as I work through my super long to do lists. While I may feel ready for taking the next steps, those involved with the project may not be. This is where practicing patience comes in.

Patience isn’t always easy when we know what we want and want it now. But, if you stop and think about it, if we received everything we wanted right now, it could get overwhelming really quickly. We may not actually be as ready as we think we are. It’s like that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

I started this page by cutting and gluing the really cool heart image that’s filled with clock parts and gears. This treasure was on the cover of Remedies Magazine a free publication that I picked up at my local health food store.

Our dreams need time to grow

I then added swirls to journal encouraging reminders like, how our dreams need time to grow.

Art Journal message Savor the Waiting

Here’s a message that I picked up from Collette Baron-Reid that I find reassuring, “No one can take away what is truly yours.”

My inner wise self often whispers to me to “savor the waiting” because once the train carrying your dream leaves the station, a lot of work is often in store. I consider how I can prepare for the train’s departure.

Sometimes the preparation looks like…

Vision Journal Reminder to Be Still and Listen

…being still and listening.

Early mornings when most of the world is asleep is when I savor the moments of waiting. It’s when I can hear the wisdom of my wise inner self. I enjoy this quiet time for meditation and writing in a journal.

affirmation: I trust the timing of my life.

“I trust the timing of my life.”

Here an affirmation reinforces the positive mindset.

affirmation: I feel supported and guided

“I feel supported and guided.”

I truly believe that we co-create with Spirit. When my intentions are in the highest good for all, Spirit is there to bring just the right people and events into my life. I’m so grateful for this spiritual connection.

pace of grace inspirational quote

There are times when we get a no to a proposal. I’ve learned that a no can actually mean not now. It may be that the timing isn’t right for the publisher’s schedule or the subject isn’t right for one publication but it is for another. I’m not discouraged by the “no’s” that I receive. I learn from each one. I reset and take the next step.

I added a few more words and phrases to the colorful swirls.

Believe. Trust.

Incubation time.

Divine timing.

My favorite phrase on this page is, “Pace of Grace” which I learned from Linda Kavelin Popov, of The Virtues Project™. “Pace of Grace” shows up in more than one virtues card. What message is waiting for you? Pick a card here.

vision board vision journal message trust yourself

I anchored the page with lots of color and one final important message, “Trust Yourself.” When it comes down to it, we have to trust ourselves to know that we can choose the best for ourselves.

I found the colored pencil image and beautifully lettered words in Mantra Wellness Magazine. It’s filled with inspiring quotes, words, and exercises that are perfect for vision boards and vision journals.

yoga art retreat in the Berkshires

Would you love to spend a weekend with me creating and connecting in a vision journal? Check out my Spring Into Possibilities Retreat happening on April 11-14, 2019 in the beautiful Berkshire mountains.

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