Soul Tree Online Retreat

Take this moment to look at the beautiful photo above. Imagine yourself stepping into the photograph to walk on the path among the trees. Smell the earth and the fresh greens. Feel the quality of the air on your face. Walking among trees has a calming and healing affect on us. It soothes our weary spirit and offers us a safe place to tune in and connect with our wise spiritual self.

Trees have been constant companions in this life journey offering us shelter, keeping us warm as firewood, cleansing the air that we breath, and offering its wood for a variety of uses.

Wisdom leaders from various faith traditions recognize trees as wise, conscious beings. Tuning in to the calm presence of a deeply rooted tree, we can tap into our own roots of who we are, where we’ve come from, and the nourishment that sustains us. The sturdy trunk of a tree teaches us to stand tall in who we are. The branches and leaves reaching toward the sun reflect our own stretching toward our aspirations. The tree teaches us how to be firmly planted and at the same time flexible to move and sway in the wind without breaking.

Connect with the wisdom of your soul tree.

Join Kathryn Costa for an online retreat where you’ll be guided in a Soul Journey meditation to connect with the wisdom of your soul tree. What do you need right now to feel rooted, to stand tall, and to reach for your dreams? We’ll explore these questions intuitively through meditation, journal prompts, and creating art. Our intuition is the gateway to access the wisdom of your soul. This workshop guides you in having a rich, rewarding soulful and creative experience. No art experience needed.

Now Available for Immediate Access

  • Access all recordings and handouts when it is convenient for you.
  • Self-paced.
  • Lifetime access.

Program Overview

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Soul Journey Meditation – Relax, release stress, awaken your creativity, and tap into your intuitive wise self. You’ll journey through a magical forest to meet up with your soul tree.

3. Guided Reflection – Kathryn will walk you through interpreting your tree art mandala. What messages will you discover?

What to Bring 

  • Journal or Notebook
  • Paper
  • Compass or Large Round Object to Trace a Circle
  • Your Favorite Drawing & Coloring Supplies

Registration Details

ONLY $35!


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