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Full Moon + Solar Plexus Chakra

This morning I’m thinking about the connection between the full moon and the solar plexus chakra (today’s featured video). The full moon shines a bright light on our shadow selves, the areas in our lives that we may be ignoring, hiding, overlooking, or neglecting. 

What habits, limiting beliefs, old hurts, or disappointments are you ready to let go of that no longer serve you? 

The moon’s energy is the feminine yin aspect of the self that guides us to look inward. The sun’s masculine yang energy (see my solar plexus video today) also helps us to see clearly. It energizes us and empowers us. 

It is interesting that today the Solar Plexus Chakra is featured in my 7-Day Chakra Journey and it’s the full moon. Both help us with seeing the truth clearly.

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