Creating Mandalas for Art & Inspiration

In the video above, Kathryn Costa explains how creating mandalas is so much more than creating pretty pictures. When we step before the circle we get centered, immerse in color, patterns, and beauty. We slow down and listen to our intuition and inner wise self.

This creating and connecting leads to deep insights and answers. We often don’t have time to ask let alone answer in our busy daily lives.

Meeting yourself where you’re at, this is the gift you give yourself when you step before the circle.

Join mandala artist and teacher Kathryn Costa at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY June 30 to July 5, 2019 for a week-long mandala art program where each day you’ll create and connect.

Mandala Program At-A-Glance

Soul Journey Meditations. We begin each day with a guided meditation. It’s a great way to “arrive” to the day, releasing any stress, awakening creative flow, and listening to your inner wise self. When asked what participants love about my workshops they consistently remark how much they look forward to the meditations. Insights often emerge from the meditation and are carried through in the artwork.

Mandala Art Projects. You’ll explore a wide range of techniques for creating mandalas including sacred geometry, chakras, labyrinths, and expressive arts. Participants with no drawing experience are amazed at what they create as they are guided with clear step-by-step instructions. While everyone starts with the same project, the final results are exciting as each mandala is different and beautiful reflecting the uniqueness of the person who created it.

Slip into the Creative Zone. Plenty of time is built into the day for savoring the experience of creating your mandala art.

Mandala Program at Omega Institute in 2018.

I’m in! Looking forward to this so much! Omega during Arts Week is like Summer Camp for adults. It’s the best way to relax your body, inspire your creativity and rejuvenate your spirit! Looking forward to meeting you! – Patty M.

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Omega Institute

The Omega Institute is located in Rhinebeck, NY. The campus features beautiful gardens, walking paths, meditation sanctuary, lake, Ram Dass library, cafe, and store.

Your stay is all inclusive with three healthy meals each day.

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