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Root Chakra Sacred Conversations

Do you make time for sacred conversations, the chats with your inner wise self? Last Friday, I hosted one of my Root Chakra Online Retreats. It’s an opportunity to listen to what your soul wants you to know.

After a presentation about the featured chakra, I lead a Soul Journey guided meditation followed by an oracle card reading. Participants are then given an hour to explore the themes creatively. Some work in a journal, others create chakra mandala art, collage, paint, and even make jewelry. This time for creative expression in whatever form it takes opens us up for the sacred conversations.

I look forward to each chakra retreat as I create in that hour too. I eagerly anticipate the session by gathering and collecting magazine images, scrapbook papers and various medium that reflects the featured chakra. I never know at the time of gathering how I’ll use the items that I’ve collected. I love that mystery.

I knew that I wanted to work with the large elephant image and the earthy and red toned scrapbook papers. As I glued and pasted these pieces into the journal, I asked the question, “What message do I need to hear?” I then turned to a copy of Mantra Wellness Magazine which is filled with lots of great quotes perfect for this type of journal and collage work.

Flipping through the pages I stopped when I came to the quote,

“Your body hears everything your minds says, so speak kindly.”

I know when I find a word or quote that resonates with my soul’s truth. Sometimes it feels like a zing and I hear my inner voice say, “this is it.” Other times the connection is more subtle like when I came upon these words. Here I felt a gentle “ahhh yes.”

I haven’t always spoken kindly about my body. Growing up I absorbed a lot of negative messages. My brother would tease me and laugh at my “thunder thighs” and my Dad and grandmother would tap my legs warning me that I’m built like my mother and her family and to watch out. I remember a time in high school when I cut my hair short and I overheard a girl in the hall comment, “she cut her hair and it fell to her hips.”

I internalized the criticisms and adopted the language as negative self talk.

Creating this journal page with this positive quote, reminds me to be mindful of the words and thoughts that I have about my body for it hears everything.

Having a love for flaps, pockets, and unexpected spaces for journal writing, I glued in the image of the elephant so I could create a place behind the trunk for writing kind words about my legs. I covered the page with a beautiful photo from a magazine that had a wood grain background and filled the spaces with journal writing.

I am grateful for my strong legs that have been a constant companion all of my life. They are strong and have taken me wherever I asked them to go. They hold me up when I feel scared, insecure, or uncertain. They’ve held me up with I feel strong. Thank you my dear strong, powerful legs. I love you.

I added an image of a kite to this journal page. The kite is a symbol that appears in my astrological natal chart that points to Chiron. Chiron is about our core wounds that we need to heal in this lifetime. What I find interesting as I explore my Chiron patterns is how I have continued to wound and rewound myself by the negative self talk over the years.

When I speak kindly about and toward myself, I feel a lightness of being. These lighter feelings are like my kite lifting up into the air, dancing in the clouds.

What I love most about working in my journal is that I always get the messages that I need to hear. Today I see how my message wants to be shared with you. If you’ve been critical and your self talk so negative, know that you can be like the kite, changing the narrative, lightening up, speaking to yourself with loving kindness, compassion, and gratitude.

Our words are powerful and can hold us back or inspire us. I choose inspiration. How about you?

I’m eager to continue my sacred conversations and will be hosting the next root chakra workshop this Friday, June 21st at 6 pm, EST, the day after the summer solstice. I’m so curious to see what message emerges in my creative and soulful play. It’s not too late to join me. If you sign up now, I’ll mail off your envelope and if you don’t get it in time, I have some digital files you can use during the retreat until your envelope arrives.

Learn more about my chakra workshops and register.

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