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Chakra Q&A: I’ve been working with the throat chakra and now I have laryngitis what do you suggest?

Notice the colors, symbols, and how the various elements are arranged in this mandala.
They hold clues to answering Peg’s question about the throat chakra.

Peg has been working with the throat chakra and posted the following question on Instagram:

“Beautiful mandala! I’m putting my attention on my throat chakra. As I’ve been doing deep meditations, playing with the throat chakra stencil, and practicing mindfulness techniques to get to the core of my challenges as it relates to the throat. I encountered something unusual. I woke up with laryngitis! No voice what so ever! I find it fascinating, yet not sure what it means, yet. I’m planning to do a 3rd eye meditation that I have practiced since I was a child to present. Let’s see if I can tap into some intuition in concert with The Divine. Any thoughts @truenorth.arts ? I so welcome your insights. Great quotes, by the way.”

Thank you Peg for sharing your experience working with the throat chakra and asking a great question. I hope your throat isn’t too painful and you are well on your way to feeling better. Your instincts on what to do are very good! Looking to your third-eye chakra and trusting your intuition will be very helpful.

Your experience of losing your voice while meditating and creating art connected with the throat chakra shows us just how incredibly powerful it is to work with the chakras.

We are often drawn to working with the throat chakra when we feel that we are not being heard. When the throat chakra is balanced, we express ourselves clearly, confidently, and thoughtfully.

There are two sides to communication, speaking and listening.

Your case of laryngitis is a signal to stop talking and turn your attention to deep listening.

This silence is an opportunity to give yourself the gift that you wish to receive, the gift of being heard and understood. Sounds ironic doesn’t it? How can I be heard when I can’t speak? We can get distracted by the sound of our voice and miss what we truly need to hear, the wisdom of our soul.

Use this time to savor the silence and tune in to your intuition. Be open to hearing yourself. Listen for the message that you need to hear and the message you want others to hear.

When we give ourselves the gift of that which we long for, we empower ourselves. We are not reliant on others to give us what we need for we give it to ourselves.

An interesting thing happens when we give ourselves what we need. A shift happens within us, in our energy, and in how we are feeling about ourselves. This energy is felt by those around us and they are more likely to respond positively.

So, the first step is to listen to yourself.

The second step is to give this gift of deep listening to others, especially to those who you want to listen to you. Deep listening is called for here and perhaps your laryngitis will help you to refrain from talking too much in reaction to what your loved ones, friends, or colleagues have to say.

Working with the heart chakra helps us to listen to ourselves and others with loving-kindness and compassion. When you are listening to others, do so without interrupting. Allow the person to hear their own words. Then acknowledge what they had to say. Affirm their thoughts, feelings and experiences. This isn’t a time to offer suggestions or to share your own experience. It’s a time to listen with love. Trust that this deep listening will open the door for you to be heard. Be patient knowing that your turn to be heard will come.

I have practiced this with my husband and noticed how we are relating and connecting in a more loving and deeper way. When a person feels heard then they are open and ready to listen.

Another chakra that can give you support is the root chakra. Opening your root chakra will help you to feel grounded, secure and safe to express yourself.

Looking back on the Instagram post where you left your question, it’s interesting to see how the colors, symbols, and arrangement of the various elements in the mandala are clues to answering your question.

At the center we see two circles that remind me of the opening we see at the center of the throat chakra. To open your throat chakra and support you in being heard, work with the heart chakra. We see the heart chakra reflected in the green petals. Notice how these green petals surround the circle, the opening of the throat. The little hearts in dark blue relate to listening to your intuition and having it guide your heart. The overall design has a strong element of four that has the grounding and centering quality we experience when working with the root chakra. The white flourishes convey a feeling of how our breath carrying the sound of our voice moves with ease.

How cool is that? I think it comes as no surprise that you posted your question on this Instagram post.

I’ll close this Q&A with a photo of some gemstones that I reached for this morning that carry the energy and vibration of the healing you seek. The beautiful green and purple wand is made of fluorite and resonates with the third-eye chakra. The green kyanite opens the heart chakra. The earthy carnelian and chestnut jasper grounds the root chakra.

Thank you sweet Peg for your question. I enjoyed reflecting on your situation and how the chakras come together to support us. If additional support would help you, I am available for private 1:1 sessions offered via Zoom. These sessions include a custom Soul Journey meditation that is relaxing, soothing, and will guide you in accessing your inner wisdom. Each of my sessions are tailored for each person and can also include oracle card readings and a guided art project. Send me an email at kathryn@100mandalas.com if you would like more information.

For my readers who enjoyed this post and have a question about working with chakras or interpreting mandala art, I’d love to hear from you. Write me at kathryn@100mandalas.com.

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