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Summer Solstice Blessings

Today’s blog post on the occasion of the summer solstice continues my heroine’s journey and how I live a soulful and creative life in the 21st century.

Seeing our reflection in each other.

Each morning I start my day with a cup of coffee and the mug that I use varies depending on what I’m feeling, sensing, and thinking about. Today I reached for a mug of the “twins.” What I see are two people a woman on the left and a man on the right looking at each other eye-to-eye and seeing themselves reflected in each other.

I haven’t used this mug in over ten years.

It was no coincidence that this mug would be my choice as moments later, my husband opened up expressing his hurt feelings. I felt it coming as I had let him down two days earlier. My heart was crushed by how he was feeling. Here is someone who has been working so hard to provide for us and support me in my healing journey and dream of building a business following my soul’s purpose. I usually don’t write about such private matters when it comes to my husband and I’m hopeful he will not be further angered by me sharing our story here.

His comments came from a place of feeling so incredibly hurt. Some of the words were attacking, other critical. He shared his frustration watching how he sees me holding myself back and limiting my potential. He also noted how lovely and cheerful I’ve been these days in spite of how this is typically the dark days of my monthly cycle. There was much truth in all that he said. It was also only part of the truth.

Rarely do I take a selfie, but here I am during my morning meditation. Finding peace in my spiritual practices.

After my husband left for work, I took a shower cleansing my body, emotions, and spirit. As I looked up, I noticed a daddy long legs spider had moved in and claimed a place in the corner of the ceiling.

Spider is a symbol of infinite possibilities of creation. Her eight legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions on the medicine wheel.

From “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sam & David Carson

oooh such imagery is eagerly awaiting to emerge in a new mandala.

More insights from spider…

Spider may be telling you to create, create, create! She may also be warning you that you are coming too close to an entangling situation. (you think?) Look for new alternatives to your present impasse.


The situation with my husband is serious and spiders warning is spot on for we may break apart or experience a break through. I’m hoping very much for the later.

As I showered and dried off I repeated some root chakra affirmations:

I am safe. I am safe no matter the outcome. I have what I need and I’m not alone, I am supported by Spirit.

Sri Yantra represents divine beauty as it is the balance of heavens and earth, the masculine and feminine.
Sri Yantra represents divine beauty as it is the balance of heavens and earth, the masculine and feminine.

I put on my Sri Yantra t-shirt from Omega and a sunny yellow scarf to wear during my meditation. The Sri Yantra is the mother of all yantras made up of nine interlocking triangles arranged to represent the balance between opposites – heaven and earth, masculine and feminine energies, and all other polarities.

The sunny center of the Sri Yantra seemed fitting to don for the summer solstice, a time that shines a light on our home life caring for it and our family. As I meditated with this beautiful and powerful symbol emblazoned on my chest, I thought about how I haven’t been living a balanced life. My energy has been so focused on my wellness journey, spiritual practices, and building my business that my home and husband have been neglected. It was clear both need my loving attention.

I set out to collect a few things to tend to my nest. I gathered flowers that remind me of a meadow. The sunflower is our flower and a reminder of our wedding.

A bottle of Unity Kombucha came home with me…

We walk under the same sun.
We fall asleep under the same sky.
We drink from the same earth.
So let’s dance to our universal rhythms.
There is more that brings us together than pulls us apart.

message on a bottle of Living GTS Foods, “Unity Kombucha”

I was inspired to bring home some carrots and ginger after a enjoying a yummy soup at Whole Foods. I realized upon taking this photo that it’s perfect food for me to connect with my roots, my family, and to feel grounded and secure. So very root chakra, don’t you agree?

As I bring this blog post to a close, I share with you that my overall feelings are of inner peace and joy. Feelings I’ve had all week after participating in a despacho ceremony last Saturday. These feelings of inner peace and joy stem from being so connected to Spirit and my soul’s purpose. I am deeply sorry that my husband is feeling pain and that I had a part in how he is feeling. There is a tugging in my heart. What I do believe in my heart is that no matter the outcome or where this journey takes us, I trust it will be in the highest good for all concerned and that is my deepest wish.

Affirmation - My Potential is Limitless

I’m so deeply grateful to my husband for being my champion and helping me to see how my potential is limitless.

Tonight, I get to hang out with my tribe for the Root Chakra Online Retreat and tomorrow for the Third-Eye Chakra Online Retreat. Feeling so incredibly blessed for these circles where we get to create and connect in community.

Brightest blessings to you dear reader on this summer solstice.

May you feel peace, joy, and unity.
May you recognize how your potential is limitless.

{soul hugs}

Kathryn Costa

6 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Blessings”

  1. I’m deeply sorry to hear that things are not easy for your husband and admire you very much for the trust you put in every situation, even difficult ones, and about the fact that you feel you are safe no matter the outcome. You have a very strong sense of acceptance of what life gives you to live/throws at you. I wish you all the best to get through these difficult times.

    1. Hi Fabienne, My spiritual practices help me to stay grounded and to honor my emotions and feelings as they arise. This morning my dragon came out and we explored anger and feelings of not being heard. I gave myself the gift of deep listening and I thanked my dragon for being a faithful ally. Taking this journey one day at a time and moment to moment keeps me on the high road. Thanks for your note. Wishing you all the very best.

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