monthly mandala challenges

August Mandala Challenge

Pull out your sunny, warm colored art supplies for this month’s challenge to create mandalas inspired by the sun and the solar plexus chakra.

Listen to Kathryn Costa’s audio message for the 100 Mandalas Community
about the mandala challenge for August.

Show Notes

As you listen to the recorded message above, here are some highlights and notes.

Feeling resistance? Listen in for a powerful, yet simple question you can ask yourself the next time you are feeling resistance. You may want your journal handy for this one.

What are you drinking? Pause the video when I ask this question and tell me in the comments section below. Real or imaginary…what are you sipping during this chat?

Kudos! Check out some of these fun mandalas that were entered into the July Mandala Challenge. It was wonderful to see all of the creativity flowing in the Sharing Circle this last month.

Kayla created a labyrinth following the instructions in the Labyrinth Workshop and colored it in orange the color of the sacral chakra. The word, play, repeated in the center captures Kayla’s intention to invite more play into her life.
I can see Kayla running her finger along the path of this labyrinth as she asks that powerful and simple question that I shared at the beginning of the audio recording.
In the chakra retreats, participants get a beautiful envelope in the mail with an oracle card tucked inside.
Circling the sacral chakra drawn with the sacral chakra stencil are words from the oracle card that Linda received.
What a beautiful example of creative note taking.
This is perhaps the most unique entry for the July Mandala Challenge and one that capture the spirit of both the sacral chakra with the zesty orange colors and the solar plexus with the words, “Go for it!”
This is a great example of how two chakras come together. Here the message is so clear to
have fun and play like a child!
Nicely done SusanJoy.
July Mandala Challenge Winner!
Karen went above and beyond this month by creating a daily sacral chakra mandala using the stencils. Here is a selection of the 31 sacral chakras that Karen completed this month.
Listen to the recording on how to use the chakra stencils as part of a spiritual practice.

August Mandala Challenge

Create a mandala inspired by the sun and/or the solar plexus chakra.

Here are some of the sun inspired mandalas that I’ve created over the years. Click on the image for a closer look at to read the caption.

For more inspiration check out this post featuring over 170 sun inspired mandalas.
There is no shortage of inspiration for sun inspired mandalas.
Check out my board on Pinterest for yellow colored mandalas and solar plexus chakra art.
August Mandala Challenge

Take the Challenge!

  1. Create mandala art inspired by the sun or solar plexus. No limit.
  2. Scan or photograph your art.
  3. Post to the Mandala Sharing Circle
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  4. Deadline to Enter: August 31, 2019

Just Getting Started Creating Mandalas?

About the Prize

One person will be selected by Kathryn Costa to win a $35 gift certificate good toward one of these online classes.

2 thoughts on “August Mandala Challenge”

  1. Hi Kathryn, I really enjoyed your ‘chat’ this morning (evening!) as I was sipping on my double shot flat white cup of coffee 😋..and would have loved being able to respond….especially to the concept of the ‘shy Leo child’ who I recognised instantly 😊…I have always thought I was a weird Leo, because I really enjoy spending time alone in my own space 😉…not necessarily swinging from chandeliers like my Gemini daughter 🤪
    I hope you celebrated your birthday happily….looking forward to seeing you at ‘Flourish’ and in the meantime I will ponder creating a sunny mandala. Love Sally 🤗


    1. Sally it would be wonderful to chat in person with our coffee in hand! I’m so grateful that technology can bring us together. I’ll see you soon in the Flourish Retreat, fellow gentle lioness.


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