Athena Goddess of Crafts + Tour of Harrisville Designs

You may know Athena as the Greek goddess of civilization and for her wisdom and winning strategies. Did you know that she’s also the goddess of arts and crafts, especially when it comes to spinning, weaving, and pottery?

In contemporary terms, we see the Athena archetype in career women who are hardworking, strategic, and focused. A friend of mine was telling me about her mother, a successful doctor who relaxes her busy mind when she’s not working with crochet or knitting. She’s a perfect example of the Athena archetype.

I recently thought of Athena while touring Harrisville Designs where woolen yarn has been spun in the water powered, brick mill town of Harrisville, New Hampshire since 1794.

Watch this short video to see and hear about this charming and historic place.

Let’s Take a Tour

ooooh the eye candy to behold in the shop at Harrisville Designs. I had a blast taking these photos. Here’s only a small selection that captures the luscious colors, patterns, textures, and delightful gifts. Further along in this gallery, you’ll see photos taken where they transform the raw materials into the wool ready for your fiber arts projects. What a treat to see the process and witness a dying industry preserved here in New Hampshire.

Tours are scheduled each Wednesday. Visit the Harrisville Designs website for more details.

The beautiful envelopes that you get for the Athena lesson when you
enroll in the Goddess Course with Kathryn Costa.
The beautiful envelopes that you get for the Athena lesson when you
enroll in the Goddess Course with Kathryn Costa.

Athena – wise + crafty

I absolutely love the goddesses. I see elements of each goddess’ story reflected in my life either in me or in the woman I know. Each goddess has strengths, wounds, and wisdom that we can learn from.

In my Goddess Course, you’ll receive a beautiful envelope in the mail for each of the lessons. Pictured here is the gorgeous envelope that I designed for Athena. On the front, the eagle in flight represents the bird’s-eye view that helps the Athena in us to have a big picture perspective on the situations in our lives. You’ll experience this shift in perspective in the Soul Journey guided meditation, oracle card reading, or in one of the many questions and journal prompts in this online retreat.

On the back side, I added an olive branch “mandala,” a beautiful symbol of Athena’s intention to use her wisdom to make peace in all situations. Athena isn’t self-serving; she puts the interests of others before her own. Can you relate to Athena?

On the envelope flap, I added beautifully carved wooden spindles used for spinning, twisting fibers such as wool, flax, hemp, cotton into yarn. The message reads, “trust in your higher self to weave a beautiful life.”

Connect with your inner Athena along with the other Greek goddesses in my Goddess Course.

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