Q&A: How is the Goddess Course different than your workshop from 2 years ago?

Many of you who participated in my Goddess Workshop two years ago are asking how this new Goddess Course is different. Great question! This new series is a very different experience and here’s how.

In-depth Exploration of the Goddess Archetypes

The Goddess Workshop was a two week experience that included two webinars. The first webinar was an introduction to all seven goddesses covered in an hour. The second webinar was a celebration to share your goddess inspired art.

The Goddess Course offers an in-depth exploration of the goddess archetypes. Each goddess is featured in a 3-hour webinar “retreat” experience. These retreats are scheduled one a month providing you with time in between for integrating the insights and inspirations. We conclude this course with a Goddess Celebration where we integrate what we’ve learned and celebrate the goddess within each of us.

Immersive & Interactive Format

In addition to the presentation about the featured goddess, the format includes a Soul Journey guided meditation, oracle card readings, time dedicated to creating art, and time to connect with your soul sisters. Recordings are provided with lifetime access.

The Goddess Course includes receiving beautifully designed envelopes with sweet surprises tucked inside.

Magic & Delight Mailed to You

Each month you’ll receive a beautiful envelope in the mail. Pictured here you see a sweet mini envelope is tucked inside with a love note with words of encouragement.

We begin this series with Artemis who is a fire starter! She picks a target and with her single-minded focus works towards her goals and completes her projects. So often though we lose steam when working on a big project, dream, or goal. When this happens we can feel stuck, ashamed and unmotivated. Within the mini envelope are words to encourage you to recommit and stay the course.

The goddess profile features the gifts, symbols, colors, flowers, gems & minerals and animals.

Goddess Profile

You’ll receive a Goddess Profile in the envelope that highlights the goddess’ gifts, symbols, colors, flowers, gems & minerals, and animal allies. On the back side not pictured here, are affirmations you can use to invoke your inner Artemis.

This goddess profile filled with design elements will spark ideas for your goddess inspired art projects.

Additional Handouts & Content Features

Each presentation includes additional handouts with notes and journal prompts. Unlike the Goddess Workshop from two years ago, this Goddess Course covers a featured animal ally, plant medicine, and gemstone with practical wisdom you can use navigate the challenges in your life.

You’re Different From Two Years Ago!

Perhaps the most important difference is you! Each time we revisit a subject, we connect in new ways with the material, we deepen our understanding, and apply it in new ways.

For example, two years ago I was identifying with Athena. Revisiting the stories of the goddesses and deepening my understanding of their characteristics, I’m now identifying more with Artemis. This is revealing to me challenges that I’ve faced in the work place in the past and in how I currently facilitate my workshops. I’m now consciously bringing in different goddess characteristics integrating the best of each goddess.

There are so many creative possibilities in this Goddess Course from creating SoulCollage cards, mandala art, paintings, jewelry and more!

Time Dedicated to Your Creativity

Taking the Goddess Course is making a commitment to your creativity. Each time I work with these goddesses, I create a new body of work. Nine years ago, I began with designing a SoulCollage card for each one. Three years ago I created a mandala for each goddess. This year, I’m excited to recycle a catalogue and design a new goddess art journal.

There are so many possibilities of where you and your muse can create in this course. Here are a few more project ideas: paintings, knitting/weaving, jewelry, talismans, altars, spirit sticks, amulets…

Finer Details

Course opens September 20, 2019

First Retreat is coming up!

Artemis Session 1: Saturday, September 21, 2019, 10 am to 1 pm, EST
Artemis Session 2: Friday, October 4, 2019, 10 am to 1 pm, EST
Artemis Session 3: Friday, October 4, 2019, 6 pm to 10 pm, EST
Create your own personal retreat using the recordings.

Goddess Course Schedule

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