Inside My Journal – Meet Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

Do you find yourself drawn to goddess wisdom, imagery, and energy? Doors to my new Goddess course opened up last week and you are welcome to join me for a magical and wondrous adventure.

In today’s blog post, I share with you how I’m exploring the wisdom of the goddesses starting with Artemis in an art journal format.

A catalogue gets a new lease on life as it will be transformed
into a Goddess Journal.
A catalogue gets a new lease on life as it will be transformed
into a Goddess Journal.

I love the feeling of starting a new journal as I begin a soulful and creative journey. For the goddess course, I am recycling a catalogue from 1440 Multiversity. I love the square shape of this catalogue and the heavy weight of the paper. Along the right side, you’ll see little tabs made of Washi Tape, a Japanese patterned tape. Each tab marks a section for one of the seven goddesses that we will be exploring in this course.

A combination of images from the catalogue come together with
items that were mailed out to participants for the course.

This catalogue has great photography within it that become design elements on the page. More washi tape is put to good use to adhere the “Goddess Profile” and the oracle card that was in the envelope that I mail out to participants. For this first workshop everyone received a card and the insert from Denise Linn’s Native Spirit Oracle Deck*.

Washi tape is a great way of adding things to your journal.

A little Washi tape along the top of the oracle card creates layers of goodness to discover. On the left I lift the card to reveal the message from the oracle booklet and under that a couple of quotes from Mantra Wellness Magazine. These little messages tie in perfectly with the theme of “focus” that is central to a quality Artemis is known for. Artemis is often depicted with her silver bow and arrow and can hit any target that she focuses on. Here I’m reminded to point my arrow and focus on the good. An arrow through a heart encourages me to keep being brave. Red is one of the colors from Artemis’ palette and stars are one of her symbols.

Look who is peeking outside of the pocket?
Bear was invited to join us in the retreat.

Pockets are easily created by cutting part of the page and then attaching it to the next page in the journal. I use ordinary clear packing tape adding a piece along the outer edge and the bottom of the page. It’s strong adhesive makes a reliable place to tuck in found images, words, and the beautiful envelope that I designed for this course.

Here you see the bear image that is on the envelope that I designed for the Artemis lesson. Bear is one of many animals associated with Artemis. Bear teaches us the importance of knowing when to hibernate, when to take action, and when to stand our ground.

After cutting the page for the pocket, I turned the scrap over to find the words, “Wisdom Begins in Wonder” and the photo of the word Wonder in the forest – both perfect elements to add to this page. The woman was already on the page and I gave her a colorful head dress made of an image from a National Geographic magazine of kayaks. Artemis loves nature and is very active. I delight in the process as the various pieces and elements come together as if by magic. I never know where my creative art journal play will take me when I get started. I love creating intuitively, another quality of Artemis.

Turn the page in my journal and you’ll see a majestic mountain, an image from an issue of Flow Magazine. On the facing page Artemis is riding a horse in a field of flowers with the message, “Follow Your Bliss” at her feet. This is a perfect quote as it sums up how Artemis is the type to follow her passion in her pursuits. She is unconventional in her thinking and in how she lives her life.

Artemis is so very capable and accomplished however her own doubts are her worst enemy. She is so driven that she never feels good enough. When she is successful she can still feel inadequate. I found the perfect quote to help Artemis:

Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself. You may be surprised at how easily this happens. Your doubts are not as powerful as your dreams unless you make them so.

Marcia Wieder

As I looked at the image of the mountain in the water…it reminded me of illusions and daydreams. The reflection isn’t the real mountain. It’s important not to spend too much time in illusion (distractions, daydreaming, wishing).

After decapitating a knight on horseback I went looking for the perfect “head” and found her in the latest Oprah Magazine. It’s part of an illustration for an article on menopause. As I’m on the edge of that stage of life, it spoke to me on a few levels. The expression on her face reflects how Artemis is guided my her intuition. In the course, I share eight ways to access your intuition.

Behind Artemis’ head, I placed a solar plexus chakra image from a Kripalu course catalogue. The themes of Artemis relate to the solar plexus including…

  • Having a clear purpose
  • Knowing who you are, what you value, and what’s important to you
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Self-Confidence
  • Inner Strength
Handouts with activities to work with your inner Artemis.

The goddess course is rich with depth and a variety of experiences.

  • Story – Meet the goddesses in storytelling of the ancient myths.
  • Insights – Recognize the goddess’ strengths and wounds in yourself and the women around you.
  • Practical – Activities and handouts provide accessible ways to work with the goddess’ wisdom and strength.
  • Soulful – Tap into your intuitive wisdom in the Soul Journey guided meditations and oracle card readings.
  • Creative – Express the qualities of the goddess in an art project of your choosing or use the handouts as the starting point of how you’ll awaken your inner artist.
  • Connection – Gather in community with other soulful and creative women who are eager to witness your experiences with the goddesses and share their own.

Whether you take one of the goddess workshops or sign up for the entire course, this experience will open your eyes to a new way of viewing yourself and the other women in your life. Taking the Goddess Course will help you to learn how to integrate all of these goddesses’ within you and to call upon their wisdom and strengths to best serve your aspirations and relationships.

The next Artemis Retreats (you pick the day/time that works for you):

  • Friday, October 4, 2019 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, EST
  • Friday, October 11, 2019 at 6:00 to 9:00 pm, EST
  • or access the recordings now and design your own personal soulful & creative retreat

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