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Goddess Journal: The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess Collage

When you open up my new goddess journal, you are greeted by the Triple Goddess. I can’t imagine a better way to start a new soulful and creative adventure.

We start with Artemis in my Goddess Course who is one of the three goddesses that make up the “three pillars” or “triple goddess.”

Handouts that accompany the Artemis Retreat presentation.

I knew that I wanted to add the three pillar symbol to my new goddess journal, so I started this collage by printing the symbol from the handouts in the course.

Flipping quickly through the newest Gundrun Sjoden Design catalogue, I stopped on a page where three woman were dressed in colors and a pattern that made my heart sing. I work intuitively when gathering images and will look more at the colors, patterns, textures, shapes and other design elements with little thought as to why I’m drawn to them.

While the models were so lovely and ranging in age and enthnicity, they didn’t quite fit the bill for the triple goddesses. Without hesitation or dismissing this image I thought, “I really like these colors and fabrics, maybe something different could be used for the top and also serve as a backdrop for the symbol?”

Loving the colors and patterns in Gundrum’s designs, I returned to the catalogue flipping very quickly until I stopped on a page featuring a linen valance in a subtle color.

Here is where it gets fun for me. It wasn’t until a day later that I realized just how perfect this “curtain” was for this collage. For you see, when I lead Soul Journey guided meditations in my courses, I often refer to the veil that separates us from the unseen realms. This valance is that veil. Behind that veil, you’ll meet the three goddesses.

To finish the page, I intuitively reached for some washi tape (Japanese patterned tape) to add visual interest to the center circle. It wasn’t until I applied the third strip of tape that I realized this color and pattern was perfect. You see Artemis is known for her silver bow and arrow and her keen ability to hit any target that she desires. As I finished filling this circle, I laughed so hard adding little targets to the “moon.” For the crescent shapes I repeated the target theme using a silvery gel pen.

My designer’s heart loves an elegant solution and here we see just that in how three images come together to reflect the mystery and inspiration of the Triple Goddess.

Would you like to learn more about Artemis and travel with me by moonlight? Check out my goddess course. It’s a unique offering that will awaken the goddess in you.

From my inner Artemis to yours,
Thank you for visiting my blog today.
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

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  1. I LOVE all the elements of your design and deeply appreciated your process & elements descriptions. As you pointed out, it is perfect.

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