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Turning a Corner as the Season Changes

Dear Fellow Soul Travelers,

Here in the Northeast region of the US temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning colors, and I’m feeling a shift inside as I too am turning a corner. 

I started working full time for myself two years ago on November 2nd. In these two years, I’ve taken the time to grow spiritually, bringing many new skills, learnings, and experiences to my workshops, programs, and offerings. 

I followed the spark of one creative idea which led to developing a new way of delivering my lessons that feels energizing, interactive, and rewarding for both me and more importantly the participants. I love my online retreat format, designing interactive lessons with beautiful envelopes (a great touchstone), practical handouts to apply the themes, leading soul journey meditations, oracle card readings, and chatting with participants in real time.

The heart chakra retreats this last weekend showed me just how valuable it is when we circle up. Out of the 90+ people invited to the heart chakra retreats, in two sessions there were three participants. One might think that was a failure, but it truly it was a gift for those who showed up as we had time for rich and meaningful discussions. They were the best “show and tell” sessions to date. I left wanting more of this experience as did everyone who participated. As I look to what I’ll be offering in this next year, it will include more of this real time experience in small groups and 1:1 private sessions with me.

Great Round Update

In the last 11 years, I experimented with offering a variety of courses and workshops in different formats. My biggest takeaway from facilitating the Great Round course is that less is more. After leading that series five times, I can see why most people lose steam by Stage 6 as I found myself losing steam for the first time at about that same point in the course. It’s been heavy on my heart that I stalled and plan to circle around to all of you who enrolled in that session. We all need to close the circle and I look forward to personally connecting with each of you in a private 1:1 session. The Great Round course is now officially retired with no plans to bring it back.

The good news is that the Great Round lessons and rich insights live on in new ways in the work that I’m now developing. For example we experience the Target Mandala in a new way in the Artemis Retreat as we look at our goals and aspirations. In the Athena Retreat participants get three gifts from Athena, a compass, a shield and a wing which offer fresh insights on the themes from Stage 7. 

You may have felt a Shamanic spirit to my work in the last couple of years. In a few weeks, I begin a nine month shamanic apprenticeship program and plan to document this journey in an art journal and mandala projects. I’ll be learning 20 shamanic tools and in the end will complete a 200-hour yoga certification. These new tools and experiences will get woven into what I offer starting as early as this December. Stay Tuned!

[In this photo: (top) ingredients for the despacho (prayer bundle) come together
(bottom l to r) fire is a transformative and powerful element; here I am supported by the jaguar community as I release fears and limiting beliefs into the fire; one of my mandalas that incorporates the four elements and illustrates where I’m at on my journey.]

Four Ways to Create & Connect in Our Community

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2. Take the mandala challenge for October.

3. Join me for one or more of these workshops, programs, or retreats.

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Creating Mandalas for an Inspired Year Weekend Retreat (December 6-8) at the Rowe Center in Rowe, MA

4. Read my blog to follow my soulful and creative journey. 

I hope my journey sparks your creativity. Here are my recent posts:

I’m grateful to all of you who feel a resonance and connection with my work and wish to gather with like-minded soulful travelers.

May this turning of the seasons bring you fresh new insights and many blessings.

{soul hugs}

Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

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