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How to Live a Life Full of Signs, Synchronicity, and Divine Guidance

Are you looking for a sign? Divine Guidance? Maybe you’ve seen signs and experienced synchronicity in your life and you want to open up to more of this.

That desire for living a spirit filled life is what started me on a path to seeing more signs, synchronicity, and messages from Spirit.

I found in my own journey and sharing this with others, how we can develop our intuitive skills and trust in the signs and messages that we receive. It’s really fun when we discover how magical our lives truly are and more importantly, it feels supportive when we co-create with Spirit.

I have an in-spirited and awe-some story to share with you today of how I use three practices – soul journey meditations, oracle cards, and vision journaling – to access my intuition, to connect with Spirit, and to receive insights in a way that feels nourishing, creative, and so incredibly fun.

Soul Journey Mediations

This story begins last week when I was listening to a recording that I made for my Artemis Goddess Retreat. Before I post the recordings for my fellow soul travelers (participants in my course), I lie down to experience the soul journey meditation for myself.

In this soul journey I was joined by a deer. She and I ran through the forest and up a tall mountain with ease, grace, and joy. When we reached the top of the mountain she looked up at me with her doe eyes. Her message was so clear, “Soften. Be gentle with yourself and others.”

We ran down the mountain and just before we entered the forest, a shiny, luminous gift was at the entrance, left for me by the forest spirits. I reached down to pick it up to see that it was a gold coin with the symbol of the heart chakra on it. Holding the coin in my hand, I could feel the message, “This coin is the currency that we all have in abundance, it’s the currency of love. Spending it generously.”

It was just the message that I needed to hear as I had so much tension in two important relationships in my life. The messages from the soul journey helped me to see that I needed to bring loving-kindness, understanding, and gentleness to our conversations and interactions.

Working with Oracle Cards

Later in the week, I would facilitate three heart chakra retreats. In my online retreats, I send a beautiful envelope in the mail and tucked inside is an oracle card.

During the retreat, there is time to pull out the oracle card from the envelope to receive another message. I have a stack of prepared envelopes ready for when someone registers for the course and I reached for the next heart chakra envelope just before the retreat started so I too could receive a message.

I felt a zingy sensation in my gut (aka solar plexus) as I anticipated what cards were waiting for me in the envelope. As I instructed my fellow soul travelers to look at their cards, I pulled out mine and I couldn’t believe what I saw…

For the heart chakra retreat I send two cards, one from Kris Carr’s “Crazy Sexy Love Notes” and one from Denise Linn’s “Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards.”

My heart opened up as I recognized the forest from my soul journey in the first card. The two rabbits facing each other are having a conversation meeting each other face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and speaking from their hearts. Looking at the trees next to each rabbit, I can see how they reflect what each of us stands for and even encouraging us to stand tall, straight, and confident in our truth. The detail of the little hearts on the bark reinforce the message that I received in my soul journey, to speak from my heart and listen to the hearts of others.

I recognize Artemis in the second card. She is a light bearer and stands up for what she values. Here the messages printed on the card, “wise leader” and “you are a beacon for others” encourages me to lead the truth telling, heart-to-heart conversations.

Receiving these cards that speak so specifically to my situation, shows me that I’m divinely guided.

The next part of the retreat is an hour of free time to explore the messages, insights, and inspirations. In this time, I like to create mandalas and collages in my journal and knew that I wanted to make the “gold coin” gift that I received in the meditation.

I pulled out my heart chakra stencil and traced the center part of the design and colored it in with rose and yellow gold markers and added an outer glow with a white colored pencil. Working intuitively, I drew a border with little lines to represent the edge of the coin and colored it in with green and yellow.

Collage & Vision Journal Magic

I went looking for a forest image and a deer in my stack of magazines to create a collage in my journal. I couldn’t believe it when I found this image of a woman running up a mountain path. When I showed it to the other participants they too were amazed that I found an image that captured the soul journey experience. They also pointed out how I was wearing the same exact colors.

When I dressed that morning, I wanted to connect with the heart and throat chakras so I reached for an avocado colored shirt and blue scarf to support me in speaking clearly as a retreat leader as well as expressing my “truth” with love, compassion, and gentleness.

Bringing together these two pieces, the mandala and the magazine image, I can see how the border in the heart chakra coin also matches the colors and pattern in the runner’s shirt. How amazing is that? One might think that I consciously coordinated the two when coloring the mandala but all of these details came together intuitively and I dare say guided by spirit. Are you shaking your head right now? I am.

There’s more to this fantastic story.

After the retreat, I was feeling so inspired and filled up with awe, wonder, and hope.

Hungry for something nourishing to eat, I drove over to a local health food market. As I pulled into the parking spot I looked over at the time and it read, 2:22. I smiled and thought, “I’m right where I am suppose to be. I’m right on time.”

As I stepped inside the store, to my left was a stack of free “Spirit of Change” magazines and I couldn’t believe the cover design.

Not only were there two deer on the cover, but there is a rabbit on the back of one of them! I couldn’t believe that I not only found a deer image for my journal, but I found it so quickly and unexpectedly. Life is so much fun when we open up to the signs and synchronicities.

The cover of this magazine found a place on the second page in my goddess journal. It not only captures this moment, it’s a perfect way to begin this Goddess Course journey. This image sets the tone and intention for welcoming a “spirit of change” to heal the relationships in my life. I’m so curious to see where this goddess journey takes me and how the various relationships that I have with myself, my loved ones, my friends, and even things like my relationship with money will change and heal.

So many people over the years witness my connection with Spirit and how I receive messages so clearly. What’s been incredibly rewarding is opening up the door to living this soulful and creative life for others, so they too can receive messages so clearly.

In my online retreats, I’ve witnessed again and again how others get insights, inspiration, and the very messages they need in the moment from the Soul Journey meditations, oracle card readings, and creating art intuitively.

It’s so fun to share this experience with other soul travelers in these retreats. We are all so eager to see the cards we each receive and to hear about the soul journey experiences. We take delight in what shows up and get inspired by how we all express ourselves creatively.

Are you looking for a sign? Divine Guidance? A tribe of intrepid, curious soul sisters? You are invited to join me in my upcoming retreats.

In my online retreats, you’ll tap into the magic and mystery through soul journey guided meditations, oracle card readings, and expressing yourself creatively.

Check out my Goddess Retreats to discover the goddess within you and my Chakra Retreats to connect with the power in you. Know that you are welcome to sign up for an individual retreat or take the entire course. If you missed one of the online sessions, you get access to the recordings so you can create your own personal retreats.

If you made it down this far in the post, wow! Thank you for joining me. I do hope we’ll connect up in one of the retreats very soon.

May your journey be filled with wondrous signs and synchronicities that remind you that you are right where you need to be.

{soul hugs}
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

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