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A Magical Connection at the Dancing Lion

Dancing Lion Chocolates -The perfect place for savoring hand crafted chocolates, drinking Mayan hot chocolate, and inspirited conversations.

Steffanie and I met seven or eight months ago at a Polka Dot Powerhouse chapter meeting and since then we’ve been saying, “we’ll meet up.” I was never worried about when we’d make it happen as I trusted that when the time was right, we’d connect. Divine timing, I truly believe in it, especially with someone like Steffanie who in recent years has opened up to her gifts as a psychic medium.

Last week we chatted on Facebook after her weekly radio program, “When Spirit Speaks” and decided it was time to finally connect. Looking at the calendar I noticed that 10/10 was coming up and how fun it would be to meet up at 10:10 a.m. on 10/10. After searching for a magical spot, I discovered a hidden-to-me gem just down the street from where I live in Manchester, NH called the Dancing Lion Chocolates.

One look at their website and I had this song playing in my head…

from the movie Chocolat. I knew I had found a special place.

As we stepped inside the shop, Steffanie and I both felt teleported to another place far from this little city in New Hampshire. I love that magical feeling, don’t you?

The display case, filled with little masterpieces of hand crafted chocolates looked more like…

jewelry pieces to we worn not eaten…

or sculptures to be hung on the wall.

The chocolate recipes change often and today the case featured Day of the Dead sweet temptations ranging from sweet to spicy.

I’m certain that the little “sugar” skulls listened curiously to our conversations about connecting with spirits as we…

sipped our hot chocolate out of beautiful pottery bowls. Ever since I first watched the movie “Chocolat,” I’ve been curious to taste the Mayan hot chocolate made with chili. Who would have thought I’d get to taste it right here, a ten minute drive from where I live.

I was truly in heaven, sipping chocolate and having a “spirit” filled conversation about where our spiritual journeys have taken us and our aspirations for what’s next.

I’ll definitely be back to the Dancing Lion and highly recommend it too. It’s not only a charming place to warm your bones and spirit, but you’ll find gift boxes brimming with unique and eclectic chocolate treasures.

Learn more about the Dancing Lion on their website or visit them at 915 Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. Not in the area? You can order a little chocolate magic and have it shipped to you.

Here’s to discovering magical places and people, in your own neighborhood.
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

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