Soul Retrieval Sessions

What’s holding you back from living a vibrant life?

Let’s explore this together!

Throughout our lives we experience painful situations and when they go unresolved can form limiting beliefs and unmet needs that cause unwanted recurring patterns in our lives. Those patterns may be attracting the same type of unhealthy relationship or an ongoing struggle with finances or health conditions.

While you may clearly see the areas in your life that’s not going as you’d like, you may not recognize the underlying limiting beliefs that influence every choice that you make. Limiting beliefs are instructions in the subconscious part of the brain that runs on autopilot. These core wounds often form during childhood experiences. Here are some examples of limiting beliefs. 

“I’m not safe.”
“I’ll never be good enough.”
“I’ll always be alone.”
“I have to do everything myself.”
“I don’t deserve nice things.”
“I have to trick people to like me.”
“It’s not safe for me to be myself.”
“I won’t be loved if I show my true self.”
“I’m always left out.”
“I don’t fit in.”

When you form limiting beliefs, you end up giving your power away and you limit your potential.

A soul retrieval may also be for you if you are experiencing:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Accident Prone
  • Scattered
  • Lack of Presence
  • Dullness, Boredom
  • Poor Health
  • Feeling Stuck in Life

Before you try manifesting something new in your life, you may need to let go of what’s been blocking you.

I’m thrilled to now offer Soul Retrieval sessions to help you to recognize the unwanted patterns in your life and to restore balance, harmony, and personal power.

What to expect in a Soul Retrieval.

  • We’ll meet up using Zoom or phone.
  • I’ll explain the process before we begin.
  • I’ll lead you in a 20 – 25 minute guided meditation.
    For those of you who have experienced my Soul Journeys, it’s a very similar type of experience.
  • You’ll have time after the meditation to record the details you want to remember.
  • We’ll discuss your experience, identify the limiting belief, and develop a new empowering message.
  • Session runs 90 minutes
  • After you sign up for a soul retrieval, I’ll send you a link to my calendar to schedule a day/time that is best for you.
  • $55 ($97 reg.)

Soul Retrievals can be done at any time. The energy of the full moon, solstices, year end, and transitions in your life are all powerful times to have a soul retrieval. The best time is when you feel ready to make a change in your life.

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