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Saying “Yes!” to a new journey.

Dear Friends,

My heart is bursting open from all of the emails I received in the last 24 hours and the comments posted on Facebook about my idea to offer affordable Zoom sessions to nurture creativity and connection. Each note and comment is encouraging me to take the next steps.

Several moments this past week added to a very powerful meditation this morning, has led me to say “yes” as I answer the call to serve. With this decision, a mix of emotions ensues from feeling humble and scared to excited and courageous.

The “Awakening” card from Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Deck captures perfectly this moment. Do you work with divination tools? It is amazing how we always get the messages we need in those God winks and gentle nudges from Spirit.

There are seed intentions that I’ve been planting for years. And just when I thought I would quit completely, something new emerges. I’ve been asking for guidance and this week hummingbird reminded me to listen to the subtle whispers as I do dishes, fold laundry, and tend to the daily details of life.

It is not lost on me that today Christians are celebrating Easter and I find myself meeting in a guided meditation a luminous figure, a Christ like teacher, urging me to not keep my spiritual practices for myself. “You need to create the oasis and share with others how they can lead a soulful and creative life.”

My 12 years experience leading online communities and teaching classes in one format or another are coming together as I answer this call and create the “Oasis” a place for us to nurture creative expression and soulful living. I’m not sure where this idea will take us but what I do know is that I’m feeling like it is the next divinely right step.

Stay tuned for more details…
and keep sending me your love notes and inspirational ideas.
I love hearing from you!

{soul hugs}
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

PS – The spirited Soul Coaching Oracle Card from Denise Linn is on my mesa cloth and surrounded by my shamanic healing stones and spirit stick. These are some of the spiritual tools I’ll be bringing to the Oasis. Curious to learn more about working with the elements, divination, and creating art as a spiritual practice? Ooooh what a journey that awaits us!

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