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4 Ingredients to Fire Up Your Creativity

This week’s theme at the Oasis is fire!

Yesterday was opening day at The Oasis and for many participants who joined one of the three sessions throughout the day said:

“I’ve needed to get my creativity back.”

There are four ingredients to each Oasis session that will activate your creativity.

1. An Inspiring Theme
2. Soul Journey Meditation
3. Time set aside to show up for your creativity
4. Connection with other kindred spirits (The insights, inspiration, and cool project ideas will fire you up!)

Here’s what Mandy had to say,

“I can’t tell you how the meditation frees me up
to really create from a blank slate so to speak.
I love it and the weekly theme!!!”

If you are looking to awaken your creativity, stoke the creative fires, or open up your intuition, join me at The Oasis.

Awaken your creativity at The Oasis. This week's theme is fire.

Topic: Beltane Fire
Date: May 1, 2020
Time Options: 10 am, 2 pm, 7 pm, EST/Boston (check your time zone)

It’s time for Spring cleaning! What limiting beliefs, old habits, karmic patterns, physical or emotional pains are you ready to release? This heavy energy blocks creativity. Let’s clear it!

This week’s theme is inspired by Beltane, a May Day festival held on May 1st about halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.  We’ll work with the powerful element of fire in the Soul Journey meditation where you’ll transform heavy energy into light and love during a fire ceremony.

The Oasis gives you the time and space to quiet the noise outside yourself, so you’ll find the answers & wisdom within you. The session includes 40 minutes of free time to nourish your soul and creative spirit. You’ll be inspired to create art infused with healing intentions and energy.

We’ll wrap up our Oasis session with a Sharing Circle that celebrates the inspirations and insights of each participant. 

Kathryn, do you have a friend who you would love to share this experience with? Invite them to swing by here to sign up too! A journey is best when shared.

About Your Host, Kathryn Costa

Kathryn Costa is an instigator of soulful and creative living. She is an artist, educator, and shamanic practitioner who has opened the door to creative joy for thousands of people in 175 countries through her YouTube videos, online courses, workshops, her book The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art, and her line of chakra stencils from StencilGirl Products. Kathryn’s passion can be summed up in three little words: “create and connect.” Kathryn’s workshops help people to find clarity, let go of fear, embrace their dreams, and explore their creativity. Kathryn has been an online community developer and teacher for 12 years. Her unique teaching style integrates tools and practices from her training as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Soul Coach, Virtue’s Project Facilitator, and Jaguar Path Shamanic Practitioner.

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