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A story for when you feel like quitting on your dream…

artwork by Claudia Tremblay

I can relate to what Toko-pa writes about the necessary chaos to break free from old ways of being and doing in order to step into something bigger that aligns with my soul purpose.

When I got sick this past winter and it seized my spirit, I was ready to quit everything. The last time I was in this place, it was a year after the deaths of both my parents. I felt numb and was going through the motions of life. It was during a trip to Colorado while hanging out in a pristine mountain setting that I rediscovered mandalas. Five months later, I would launch the 100 mandalas challenge and a year from that trip I began work on my first book on how to draw mandalas.

Fast forward to this present moment. I was preparing to quit once again when our country ordered us to shelter-at-home. I leaned into my spiritual practices, meditating daily, creating soulful art, and asking and listening for guidance.

I received an answer that moved me to tears.

It was Easter morning while in a meditation. I was feeling my chi coursing through my body like a strong vibrational, electrical current, when I was flooded with divine light. A luminous figure with a loving presence came into view. He told me…

“Kathryn, do not keep your spiritual practices to yourself. The world needs you to show them the way.”

Tears of knowing, gratitude, humility, grace, and vulnerability flowed like rivers down my face. 

My soul answered, “yes. This is why I’m here and it is time to step up.” I knew my next step was to open The Oasis.

Since this moment, I have a renewed vision for my work that feels so aligned with my soul purpose. The Work is flowing through me. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel afraid. My mandate – to share my soulful and creative way of being and doing –  is clear. I feel not only clarity and confidence but a conviction.

Once again, like I did when I said yes to the “mandala” part of my journey, I feel like a phoenix rising up from the ashes and flames renewed, regenerated, and ready to step into my role as a leader. 

May 1st is May Day and Beltane is often celebrated with bonfires. Join me for a powerful fire ceremony in my next Oasis session.

It’s priced for an easy “yes” because I really want you to join me.

🔥Fire helps us to transform the heaviness into light, fear into love, anxiety into peace, sadness into joy. 

I humbly offer my services, the gift of my voice to guide you in discovering your own power to heal. Reconnect with your fire, your creative and soulful self. 🔥

I hope you’ll say yes and join me this Friday at The Oasis.

With much love and…

((( soul hugs )))


Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

Featured Image by Claudia Tremblay www.claudiatremblay.com

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