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Soulful Sunday: Exchanging Gifts + Be Flexible

I just posted this over in the private Oasis FB page. It’s a sample of our Soulful Sunday practice.

It’s Soulful Sunday Divination Time!!!

Each Sunday, I post an oracle card reading and I invite you to work with ANY divination tool – oracle cards, Tarot, I-Ching, Runes, casting gemstones…and share the message that you received. (Not a member of the Oasis? Sign up for the next session and you’ll get an invitation. www.truenortharts.com/oasis)

This week week’s divination tool is from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Deck (https://amzn.to/2YuLkiu)

I asked the oracle, “What do I need to know to step into the next moment that will keep me in alignment with my highest good?” Of course it goes without saying that what’s on my heart is how can I serve in a greater way with my newest offering, The Oasis.

Note I pulled these cards a day or two before the Beltane Fire ceremonies.

Many of you know that I have a generous spirit and tend to over give. The EXCHANGING GIFTS tells me two things. 1) Watch out for your pattern in giving too much. You’ll not only tire yourself out and will not be able to sustain, but this won’t honor your years of hard work, knowledge, and skills. 2) The Oasis is not just a “course” it is a community. Keep your focus on this intention to serve in a meaningful way. Nurture the soulful conversations.

The second card FLEXIBLE invites me to show up at the Oasis with openness. This invitation really prepared me for the Beltane Fire Ceremony. When I followed my intuition to lead a deeper, longer presentation and soul journey leaving no time for the FREE TIME, I felt confident. My heart and soul were smiling as I listened and with grace and ease. I found myself flexing in a different more fluid way. I adjusted the course of events, on the fly and dropped the free time to ensure we would have time for the WISDOM CIRCLE (formerly called Sharing Circle).

I’m flexing some more with the Oasis session program format. As it is my intention to serve as many people as possible, these sessions will be more of a broadcast with the following elements:

  • Opening Sacred Space
  • Presentation – Featured Theme
  • Soul Journey with time to journal write
  • Wisdom Circle*

*Depending on the time and how many attend, we may only have time for 6-8 people to share. Be sure to raise your hand if you enjoy sharing and receiving my comments.

Other notes:

  • You do not have to have a video camera or microphone enabled, unless you want to participate in the Wisdom Circle.
  • If you want to host a private Oasis session for you and your family and friends, please send me an email and we can discuss the options.
  • If you would like to schedule a 1:1 session with me to discuss your insights from the Oasis session or if you need extra support and guidance with living a soulful and creative life, reach out. I’d love to discuss how we can work together.

Now it’s your turn!

Go pull a card or work with any divination tool. Post a photo and the message you received below. How does the message connect with where you are at in the moment? Applying the wisdom opens the door to more signs, messages, and moments of synchronicity. (Not a member of the Oasis? Sign up for the next session and you’ll get an invitation. www.truenortharts.com/oasis)

I love, love, love the sacred and soulful conversations that we have when we work with divination and share them here in The Oasis.

Happy Soulful Sunday to all!
((( soul hugs )))
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

PS – Found this collage from 10 years ago in a journal. Love the balance between the elements of fire and water.

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