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Sweet Project Idea: A Treasure Chest Full Of Hope


These days, I think we could all use a sparkly little treasure chest full of hope.

My heart is feeling tender in this moment as I’m missing my mom who died 7 years ago. Today would have been her birthday. I’m grateful for the sweet, magical, glittery treasure chest that she made for me back in 2006.

Would you like a peek inside?

Ahhh I thought you might.


Let’s first take a look at the little note rolled up and tied with a ribbon.


The note begins, “The next time you feel out of sorts or just can’t cope, open this box.”

Are you feeling out of sorts, perhaps?

Or maybe a little curious to see what else is inside?


Inside the lid is a mirror, look at it, in case you’ve forgotten, remember who you are.


Some extra hearts in case yours gets worn out.


A broomstick to fly away when it all gets to be too much.


An angel available 24/7 in case all the others are busy.


Some stars to remind you to reach for them when life gets too earthbound,


and a turtle to remind you to slow down.

I needed turtle’s visit today. I’ve been working super long hours for two weeks straight as I’m on fire with a renewed vision for my soulful and creative business. I’m having a blast creating and connecting with others at The Oasis.


Finding this little treasure chest from my mom was a reminder that she is close by to comfort me and to remind me that I’m loved, even if I don’t see her.


The “strength” card from The Virtues Project deck just happened to be sitting on top and offers us an encouraging message so fitting for what we are all experiencing during this pandemic.

Here are a few lines from the card:

We grow in strength as we tackle life’s challenges
with courage and determination.

We deepen in strength when we
choose gentleness and practice patience.

I’m so grateful to have this sweet little treasure chest full of hope and whimsy from my mom. I sure do miss her!

Oasis Gift Certificate

Growing up I was the “creative” child who made handmade cards and gifts. I remember how touched my parents were to get them.

Inspired by mom’s birthday today, and in honor of her soulful and creative journey, I spent the day creating this beautiful envelope so you can pass along her love to someone you know who could use a “soul hug.”

Do you see the little turtle in the treasure chest looking on?

Today I’m introducing the ‘Soul Hugs Inside’ gift certificate for my online program called, “The Oasis.”

Here’s the story behind the “Lily of the Valley” envelope design.

Kathryn Costa, founder of The Oasis, dedicates this envelope design to her mother and all women who embody loving-kindness, compassion, and generosity of spirit.

Born on May 4th, Kathryn’s mother loved the Lily of the Valley that represents rebirth of happiness. Her favorite gem was the emerald, also a symbol of rebirth and dedicated to the goddess Venus by the Romans. The hummingbird reminds us of the many sweet blessings in life and the heart chakra mandala has the healing energy of love, peace, and grace. 

May this sweet envelope remind you of the deep reserve and infinite supply of loving-kindness that you have within you. May your visit at The Oasis be a balm for your soul.

Thank you for being you.

Meet Kathryn Costa

Kathryn Costa has been giving out soul hugs since 2018 when she started blogging and offering soulful journaling prompts. Reflecting Kathryn’s passion for making meaningful connections, this sweet phrase has dotted the interwebs as Kathryn pauses from her busy schedule to leave love notes and words of encouragement when commenting on social media posts and online gathering spaces. 

When Kathryn isn’t spreading soul hugs, she’s an instigator of soulful and creative living at True North Arts. Her renewed vision has led her to opening up The Oasis with the intention that it be a place for you to quiet the noise outside yourself and quiet the noise inside you, so you can hear the wisdom within.

A journey is best when shared and Kathryn is delighted that a kindred spirit is giving you a soul hug with this gift certificate to meet up at The Oasis.

The beautiful hand lettering for Soul Hugs Inside message was done by the talented
Danielle Rothman of Rothbyrns Creative.
Danielle is a talented letterist, teacher, and creative strategist based out of NYC.
See all of her upcoming live online calligraphy, watercolor, and illustration classes here.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Project Idea: A Treasure Chest Full Of Hope”

  1. My mom was also born in May(7th), loved Lily of the Valley as well and emerald was her favorite gem as well. May’s birthstone I believe is Emerald. Sending you much love and light on this difficult day. I know I’ll be a wreck in two days and next month as well since it will be four years since I lost my mom. Big hugs!!

  2. Thank you Kathryn for this lovely post and for sharing your gift from your mother. I just got to this today, but it was something I think I needed.

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