Full Moon Party in Scorpio

Crossing Bridges during the Full Moon Party at The Oasis.

Celebrations are so important even during difficult times. The full moon is a great time to pause and take a look at what’s come full circle, to celebrate the small successes, and to honor the blessings found within the precious present. You’ll get a “celebration board” to help you to celebrate life’s everyday moments.

This month the full moon is in Scorpio, a water sign known for stirring up strong emotions. The good news is that the effect this year will be softened by the presence of Neptune in the sky.

Neptune and Scorpio invite you to explore your intuition. I’m highly intuitive and guided by Spirit. In fact, The Oasis was born out of doing meditations and divination. I’ll share with you the three areas in my body where I feel my intuitive hits and I’ll guide you in a Soul Journey meditation to give you an opportunity to tap into your intuitive wisdom. This session blends mystery and celebration, two qualities to lighten up life during a pandemic.

More Details About this week’s Full Moon Party

CROSSING BRIDGES – This full moon sheds a light on areas you’re ready to heal, mend, and release.

REMOVING ANY STINGERS – The full moon may light up the shadowy aspects of you. We all have times when our emotions get the best of us and we find ourselves stinging our loved ones with hurtful words. Are you ready to forgive yourself and release the shame of these dark moments?

EYE OF HORUS – Learn about and open your Eye of Horus in the opening ceremony.

CELEBRATION – Did you know that celebration is a healing tool? You’ll receive a Celebration Board to use during the party and take with you to use again and again. It’s a tool that will lighten up your spirit and the spirit of your family and friends. 

MYSTERY – Scorpio’s easily dive deep and swim like mermaids in the mysteries of life. With Neptune in the sky at this time, you may feel yourself now more than ever more intuitive. You’ll get a chance to quiet the chatter in your mind and open up to the wisdom within you during the Soul Journey meditation.

WATER CEREMONY – Whether the light of the moon has revealed any regretful moments from your life or you’ve been feeling anxiety, unease, and stress, the water ceremony soothes and gently washes away the emotional hurts and tension carried in the body. You’ll walk away from the water ceremony feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized.

Full Moon Party in Scorpio

As you’ve read this, if you feel your curiosity piqued, your body expanding, or a quiet yes, join me at the Oasis for the Full Moon Party.

The Finer Details

The Oasis with Kathryn Costa
Thursday, May 7, 2020
Choose the time best for you: 10 am, 2 pm, or 7 pm, EST
Recording made available 
Zoom Session
Only $10
Bring a friend for $15*

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Invite your friends to join us. A journey, especially one this fascinating is best when shared.

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