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Pearl 9 | Creating Sacred Spaces Inspired by the Sea

Do you love collecting treasures from the sea? Kathryn Costa shows you some of her favorite shells and how she displays them in creative ways. A clam shell becomes a pedestal for a piece of blue sea glass and a shell that looks like an angel’s wing nestles some sweet rose quartz hearts. oh and you’ll love the darling strawberry top seashells.

In this video:

  • See two of Kathryn’s altars inspired by the sign of Cancer.
  • Learn about manifesting mandalas. How slow living can help you to feel S.A.F.E.
  • Meet the snow leopard one of Kathryn’s totem animals.
  • Inside Kathryn’s Oasis Journal this week featuring a sacred space and a snail.

►FUN FACTS Kathryn’s sun sign is Leo, moon sign is Virgo and Mister Clam is a double Cancer! That means both sun and moon is in Cancer. (I’m sure you could have guessed that.) What are your signs? Don’t know? Get a free natal chart at


OPENING MUSIC Whimsical Piano Music | Hidden | Beautiful Instrumental Piano Source: Soy Candle

VIDEO CLIP OF SNOW LEOPARD Snow Leopards 101 | Nat Geo Wild More from Nat Geo Wild…

Buddha Photo from Happinez Magazine
Gorgeous paper done in the Japanese Suminagashi floating ink for a marbling technique was a gift and made by fellow blogger Inge from Belgium pinke pinke on Facebook:…


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