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Lionsgate (8/8) Crystal Grid Instructions

Lionsgate Crystal Grid

Today, 8/8, is known as the Lionsgate when the gateway to your highest realm of consciousness opens, unlocking your spiritual power to manifest your highest purpose.

Every year, between July 26th and August 12th, the Earth aligns with the brightest star of the night sky, Sirius. And since it occurs when the Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo, this alignment is called the Lionsgate.

The solar plexus chakra, the third energy center located just above the navel, is activated by the energy of Leo and the Lionsgate. This is the seat of your personal power and confidence. This is the energy center of taking action.

Here is a manifesting ritual you can do tonight.

Begin by writing down your intentions onto a piece of paper.

Create a crystal grid. Did you know that you can use the chakra stencils to create a powerful crystal grid?

Reach for the solar plexus chakra stencil for the Lionsgate ceremony. As you create your grid adding color and patterns, focus on your intentions and what you want to manifest. You may write a word or affirmation on or around your grid.

Further activate the grid with the energy crystals.

crystals to use for the lionsgate crystal grid

Pictured here starting from bottom left then clockwise:

LEMURIAN CRYSTAL – Considered the most powerful of all crystals to use to manifest at this time of the Lionsgate.

LABRADORITE – Its beautiful hidden rainbow hues shine when turned toward the light. Labradorite keeps negative thinking and projections at bay.

CITRINE – Known as the “stone of abundance” used for attracting good fortune.

ROSE QUARTZ – Taps into what your heart wants.

To close the ritual, state your intentions out loud, reading them from the list you made, and then burn the paper.

Know that the most important element in any ritual is YOUR intention. Work with what you have and open your heart to what you desire and the infinite possibilities that await you.

Massive change is on the horizon and beautiful opportunities are flowing your way. Keep doing what you are doing. What’s coming has been years in the making. Trust and Believe!

If you don’t have the chakra stencils you can order them here for future manifesting work:

{soul hugs}
Kathryn Costa

Update! Since I created this post and crystal grid, I set in motion my intentions. Within two days I was contacted by a recruiter, within a week I had an interview and 1-1/2 weeks a job offer. This is powerful!!!

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