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Leo New Moon Crystal Grid – Instructions Inside

Leo New Moon Crystal Grid
Leo New Moon Crystal Grid

Today’s watchword is CREATE. It’s the new moon in Leo with the planet Mercury also in Leo which means it is a powerful time to express (Mercury, planet of communications) your intentions (new moon) for what you want to create in your life.

Life can change very quickly.

In my last email on 8/8 I shared a ritual for the Lionsgate using a crystal grid and I was delightfully surprised by my results. I focused my intention and energy on finding a new job that will provide me with much needed financial security. That was on a Saturday and by Monday morning a recruiter reached out about a position. Today I had my second interview for that position. Outlook is positive. A couple of other positions also unexpectedly popped up last week giving me options. I share my story with you to illustrate how powerful our intentions truly are.

Leo asks, “What do you want to create?”

The sign of Leo is the most creative of the zodiac. Whether you want to start a new creative project or find a creative solution to an area in your life, everyone has access to this creative energy during this new moon.

If you are not feeling clear about what you want, pay attention to your energy. Leo is ruled by the sun and guides us in noticing when we feel naturally energized and enthusiastic about something versus neutral and resistance. If you are getting too caught up in trying to think your way through this process, shift your attention to what your body has to say.

Create a Crystal Grid

When we create your own crystal grids, this process gives you the space and time to discern what you really want and to clarify your overarching direction and purpose.

To work with the solar energy of Leo, you may create a solar plexus chakra mandala, a sun inspired design, or a mandala with lots of lotus petals that reflect blossoming something new.

Pictured above is a mandala that I created with the color of the sun, yellow, paired with light blue, the color of the throat chakra the seat of our self expression which aligns perfectly with Mercury, the planet of communication.

To further energize my intentions, I placed these crystals on the mandala.

PEACOCK ORE – The energy of this stone connects the throat and solar plexus chakras and helpful with self-expression, public speaking, presentations, and interviews!

CITRINE – Work with this crystal to boost your self-worth, your willpower, and realize your value. It amplifies your ability to manifest and brings attention to your work.

TIGERS EYE – A crystal of courage, warmth, leadership, and conviction.

powerful crystal grid using peacock ore

Be Proud. Show Your True Colors.

Leo also teaches us to be proud of who we are. This new moon is all about feeling comfortable in the spotlight or with attention around what you’ve accomplished. It’s your time this week to get recognized and to get credit.

For this crystal grid, a peacock feather illustration is bedazzled with peacock ore.

peacock ore

Peacock Ore is also known as Bornite – it’s a copper iron sulfide mineral that tarnishes to iridescent shades of blue, purple, green and gold.

Element: Fire

Chakra: Third-eye, throat, and solar plexus

Qualities: Activation, protection, magnetic attraction

Healing Properties: A stone of joy and happiness and associated with Lakshmi a prosperity goddess. As a totem, the peacock has a history of association with awakening, visions, and signs from the universe.

I found these small pieces of Peacock Ore, perfect for grid work, on Amazon.

The chakra stencils are a wonderful tool for easily creating mandala art to use in your future manifesting work. Order here:

Now it’s your turn. What do you want to create and manifest in your life?

{soul hugs}

Kathryn Costa

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