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Virgo New Moon Mandala

Virgo New Moon Crystal Grid inspired by the Mercury Yantra
Virgo New Moon Crystal Grid inspired by the Mercury Yantra

Today’s new moon is in Virgo! But hold off on setting your new moon intentions as the “moon is void-of-course.”

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Void of what?”

Each month the moon travels through all of the zodiac signs and spends about two days in each sign. Periodically there are times, often lasting only several hours long, when the moon is in between signs. Think of this gap or void as an energetic vacuum. The plans we make under the void moon aren’t very likely to materialize and our decision-making skills won’t be at their finest. 

When the moon is void-of-course, it can be challenging to start new things or focus on anything that requires a lot of concentration. Use this time for self-care and get extra rest.

Wait at least eight hours after the New Moon for setting your intentions. Here are the times of the new moon on September 17th.

New York: 7:00
Los Angeles: 4:00
London: 12:00
Sydney: 21:00

I had so much fun writing about Virgo for today’s blog post and designing a Virgo New Moon Mandala. I know this sign really well as my moon and rising sign are in Virgo (not to mention three other planets).

From my inner Virgo to yours, may you take delight in taking practical steps toward realizing your dreams.

{soul hugs}
Kathryn Costa

New Moon Virgo Mandala

Virgo New Moon Mandala

Let’s take a closer look at the design elements in my Virgo New Moon Mandala. A six-pointed star at the center surrounded by eight green lotus petals is inspired by the Mercury Yantra from the Hindu Tradition. Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet that influences the characteristics and qualities of that sign. Mercury, known as the God of Communication, rules Virgo. 

We see the effects of Mercury in Virgo by how people with this sign gather, organize, and communicate information. Virgos are very practical and love systems, frameworks, making lists, and dialing-in routines. To reflect these Virgo qualities, here’s how I designed my mandala.

  • Four Gates Mandala Stencil – This stencil creates the overall design.
  • Heart Chakra Stencil – While the center looks like the heart chakra, the Mercury Yantra has a different number of lotus petals. Here I used the heart chakra stencil to quickly draw the six-pointed star. I then drew in the eight lotus petals. Virgos are goal oriented and driven which leads to overworking. The six-pointed star with the upward pointing and downward pointing triangles reminds us to balance “doing” activities with “being” activities. 
  • Green – Inspired by the Mercury Yantra and Heart Chakra, the green elements remind us to be gentle with ourselves. Virgos tend to be very self-critical and judgmental. Practicing self-compassion and going easy on oneself is at the heart of this mandala.
  • Blue – The light blue color reflects the Throat Chakra which is the seat of communication within each of us. 
  • Red – The square border colored in red creates a very grounding effect. Virgo’s tend to worry, especially if they have any concerns around money. Both the square shape and the red color bring stability, groundedness, and practicality which is soothing for Virgos.
  • Violet – With Virgos love for systems, they can be in tune with the natural cycles and rhythms of the moon and planets. As such, Virgos are known as the “High Priestess” of the zodiac. The color violet reflects this intuitive quality and connection with universal energies.
  • Golden Yellow – Outlines throughout the design in a golden yellow color energize and lift the spirit.
Virgo New Moon Crystal Grid

Working with the Virgo New Moon

Whether or not you have Virgo qualities within you, we all can learn from and work with her energies. 

Keywords: practicality and routine

Set an Intention: Check in and look at your daily routines. Is it time to add something new or to change it up? This moon cycle isn’t about getting clarity. It’s about taking practical steps. Virgo’s keys to success is in taking small consistent steps.

Create a Virgo New Moon Mandala: Pull out your art supplies and create a mandala. You may be inspired by my mandala or your muse may guide you in creating something completely different. As you work, use this time to reflect on your intentions and the small steps you’d like to take.

Energize with Crystals: Placing gemstones and crystals on your mandala will further energize your intentions. Place your mandala with crystals on your altar. It will be a beautiful reminder until the next new moon of your intentions. Crystals to work with: red jasper, carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, sodalite, amethyst, clear quartz, flourite, amazonite, opal, and moonstone.

Trust Your Wisdom: Always, always, always trust your intuition to guide you in working with the lunar cycles and creating your art. Work with what you have on hand and know that YOU are the powerful element in the process.

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