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Give the Gift of Healing Mandala Art

Create Healing Mandala Art

I don’t need a scientific study to know that creating art offers healing benefits. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt resistance, restlessness or heavy energy from feeling tired, unwell, or overwhelmed by life. When I show up and get started, invariably the energy shifts from heavy to light, my body relaxes as does my mind and emotions.

There is a saying, “where your attention goes, energy flows.” When we create our art, our attention focuses on what we are doing and the energy flows toward it. I can feel it in how my body, mind, and emotions feels lighter.

There is also the fun of experimenting with different mediums and the process of creating something. Not to mention the sheer joy of observing the beauty that emerges in what we create.

What I love about the stencils that I’ve designed for StencilGirl Products is that they make it quick and easy to get a basic mandala drawn. Within minutes, the design takes shape and I can spend more time adding color, patterns, and even words.

In my video, I show you how to take the healing benefits of art making to a whole new level by working with symbols, colors, and intentions. The four examples include two healing mandalas made for friends and two that I created as part of my “Traveling by Moonlight Series” where I check in at the full moon and new moon each month to focus on healing intentions, gain clarity, and set in motion my dreams.

Create healing mandala art, a gift full of love, compassion, and beauty.
Healing mandala art made for a friend who recently received an unwelcome diagnosis.

Stencils Used: Four Gates Mandala Stencil and Heart Chakra Stencil

Medium: Watercolor, salt effect, black fineliner

Message: “I made this mandala holding you in my heart. At the center is a six pointed star and 21 lotus petals that symbolize the heart chakra. Central to all healing is the power of love, loving-kindness, self compassion, forgiveness, and surrender. The gold details reflect how precious it is that we have access to this powerful energy center of the heart in any moment. The bronze hued areas are the same gold paint mixed with the rich earth color of brown. This grounds us in our spiritual practices and supports us in bringing grace to our daily lives. The violet, green blue textured areas were created by sprinkling salt. After the salt dried, I rubbed off the coarse caked on layer to reveal a beautiful effect. The process of removing the salt felt like scraping sand paper and showed me that the gritty moments in life give way to the most beautiful moments. Enjoy your mandala. Sit with it and discover your own truths.

Healing mandala art made to remind my friend that she is divinely guided and supported.

Stencils Used: Four Gates Mandala, Third-Eye Chakra Stencil

Medium: Watercolor, Black fine liner, charcoal pencil.

Message: I held you in my heart as I co-created with Spirit to make this healing mandala. At the center is the third-eye chakra, luminous and full of the divine, peaceful light of a dove. The central mandala floats in the green waters of the heart chakra. Surrounding this mandala is a channel, a violet pathway. Run your fingers along this violet path, traveling around the entire mandala. May it remind you that the Divine Spirit embraces you in every moment in all situations. Meditate on this mandala when you seek a connection with the divine and you’re looking for support in tapping into your intuition and wisdom of the heart.

Virgo Full Moon Mandala

Stencils Used: Four Gates Mandala, Heart Chakra, Zodiac Chakra and Celestial Bodies Stencils

Medium: Watercolor, salt effect, black fine liner, gold foil (German Scrap/Dresden) dove

Intention: This mandala is dedicated to cultivating inner peace and to show myself loving-kindness, compassion, and gentleness.

Pisces New Moon Mandala

Stencils Used: Four Gates Mandala, Sacral Chakra, Zodiac Chakra and Celestial Bodies Stencils

Medium: Watercolor, salt effect, black fine liner, gold foil (German Scrap/Dresden) dove

Intention #1: May this day unfold with grace, ease, and flow.

Question: What spiritual practice would I like to commit to in this next moon cycle? meditation, keeping a dream journal, creating mandala art at the full and new moons, etc. What are you curious about? Learning about chakras, astrology, Tarot, divination, etc.

Intention #2: I recommit to a daily morning meditation practice followed by time for journal writing.

Now you don’t need to wait for a full moon or new moon to create healing mandala art. Any time is a good time to nurture your body, mind, emotions, and creative spirit!

Resources to Support Your Mandala Practice

Kathryn Costa is an instigator of soulful and creative living. Kathryn’s passion can be summed up in three little words: “create and connect.” Kathryn’s workshops help people to find clarity, let go of fear, embrace their dreams, and explore their creativity. She is the author of “The Mandala Guidebook.” Learn more about Kathryn at

2 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Healing Mandala Art”

  1. Just looking at them gives me a sense of peace and ease. I can speak from two perspectives. I was given a healing mandala and it is one of the most treasured and unique gifts I’ve ever received. I’ve also worked with the stencils and am captivated by the endless possibilities and the joy and bliss of the creative process! Thank you Kathryn!

    1. I’m so happy Mikell that the mandalas give you a sense of peace and ease. I loved the process of creating a mandala for you! May it always remind you that you are divinely guided.

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