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Traveling By Moonlight – Next Level of Magic & Mystery

I’m delighted to share with you a new discovery that has taken my “Traveling by Moonlight” to a whole new level of magic and mystery. It all happened unexpectedly this week when I pulled out my Tarot deck for my month-end/month-beginning check-in.

Getting Clarity

Before I pull cards from the deck, I spend some time, 15 minutes or so, free writing in my journal. This process helps me to listen to my heart and brings clarity as to what the focus of my reading will be.

Trusting My Intuition

I’ve been working each month with the same Tarot deck, but you could use any oracle deck. I hold no superstitions or rules about how to pull the cards. I trust that I always pull the cards that hold the very message that will be helpful for me. I don’t know why it surprises and delights me each time when the cards’ message are spot on. I’m glad as I don’t want the awe of this magical life to diminish.

As I shuffle, I don’t work at it. I don’t think about my intentions for I know that they are held in my heart. I feel the cards as I shuffle and wait until one pulls away from the others. Sometimes the card goes flying and I’ve learned if I put those jumper cards back in the deck, I’ll pick it up again.

It also varies how many cards I pull. Again I follow my instinct. After this week though, I think I’ll have a new ritual of drawing five cards. Read on to see why…

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Kraus
My go-to deck for my monthly readings.
When I pulled the first card, ace of cups reversed, I laughed so hard.
I had been feeling like my cup has runneth empty.
I didn’t need any guidebooks to tell me what this card meant.
The father of swords, depicted here as an owl, shares his wisdom with me.
“Rise above your situation and don’t feel badly for taking a break.”

As I sat with this card, I thought about how the owl companion whispered winning strategies in the Greek goddess Athena’s ear. Taking a break now will give me a fresh perspective on how I want to move forward.

The mother of cups, a lovely swan shows me how to fill up my cup.

Gentleness, grace, compassion, and leaning into my spiritual and magical practices are ways to fill up my cup. Add to that learning how to sleep, eating healthy foods, and getting exercise. How about you? What helps you when your cup feels empty?

This sweet little lamb reminds me to look within for that is where I’ll find insights and illumination.

As I look at the four swords above this lamb, I notice that they are not touching her. There is the potential that they could pierce her. I reflect on what my swords could be – thoughts, unkind messages, limiting beliefs, habits, strong emotions – all wrapped around how I’ve been feeling about taking this break.

What are the swords hanging above you?

I love how this word cloud formed in the shape of an eye.
What do you see? What’s true for you?
This last card, ace of wands reversed tells me just what this moment calls for.
Aces are about beginnings. Reversed, it means this isn’t the time to start any new projects.
This is a time to rest, integrate, and process all that I’ve learned in recent years.
You may have noticed that I placed these Tarot cards around my latest full moon mandala.

I pulled the cards a couple of days before I made this connection with my mandala art. Oh what a moment as I placed each of the cards starting from the left and working my way clockwise.

Laying them out like this helped me to see more connections.

Like how I received wisdom from both the father, mother, and innocent child archetypes.
How the mother of cups shows me how to fill my own cup.
How the father of swords shows me how to use the sword of wisdom
rather than get caught up in emotions, thoughts, and limiting beliefs.
Perhaps the most important lesson is that there is a time for doing and a time for being.
Right now, I’m in a yin phase.
Full Moon in Libra
How about you? Are you in a yin (receptive, resting, being) phase
or a yang (busy, doing, focused, action-oriented) phase?

I felt so restless for days before I did this reading. As soon as I pulled the cards, I felt the self-imposed pressure lift off. Throughout the week, I kept looking at the cards and my mandala. More insights popped up. I feel like I have permission to savor this time and to practice my motto, Dolce far niente, Italian for the sweetness of doing nothing.

I have no doubt that by the time the new moon in Aries is upon us, my energy will rise. In this gentle period, I will take my time as I discern what’s next.

Here’s to Traveling by Moonlight. Thank you for sharing this soulful and creative journey with me.

Until the next stop,
{soul hugs}

Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

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4 thoughts on “Traveling By Moonlight – Next Level of Magic & Mystery”

  1. It really was amazing when I pulled the cards and then to see them around the mandala! It brings together so many magical things – astrology, mandala art, four gates, Tarot – all of which guide us in Traveling by Moonlight.

    The message I received in this process was so empowering. So much more fun than any therapist session. Cheaper too!

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