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Full Moon Aries Mandala | Fire Starter

Are you ready to take your ideas, dreams, and desires and put them into action? The new moon in Aries is a great time to initiate new projects and get plans in motion.

Libra full moon mandala (on left) prepares us for the Aries new moon mandala (on right).

Each month I check in at the new moon and full moon as part of my Traveling by Moonlight series. These are not isolated events, but rather a flow of energy that cycles between yin and yang, the divine feminine and divine masculine.

Look at the two mandalas pictured above. Compare and contrast the two noticing the colors, shapes, symbols, and the overall energy and feeling of them.

Libra is an air sign that’s gentle, receptive, and very yin. Aries is a fire sign that’s assertive, initiating, and very yang.

At the last lunation, I strongly felt the yin energy of the lovely Libra full moon. Did you see my blog post last week where I pulled five Tarot cards and placed them around my Libra full moon? The last card that I pulled was the ace of wands in reverse. It affirmed how I had been feeling, that it wasn’t quite the time to take action or get things started.

The ace of wands and the new moon in Aries.

Knowing that the new moon in Aries was coming up, I was struck by how the ace of wands showed up in my reading. Just look at the colors and energy of my Aries mandala and the ace of wands. Striking is it not?

I knew in that moment of pulling the ace of wands in reversed that we need to honor the cycles in our lives. There is a time for resting, integrating, and allowing our ideas to grow. Yin periods call on us to trust the unseen process and the gift of time.

Having a lot of fire in me, including Aries in my chart, it has been an important lesson to practice patience and to savor the pauses in my cycles. What I love about astrology is the awareness it has given me and a language both symbolic and in words to describe the energy and experiences of each moment.

For you, the fire may have already been lit and this new moon in Aries will mark a time to bring into focus all of your ideas and like a laser beam point in the direction of your dreams that illuminates your next step.

What astrology has also taught me is that each seasonal event and lunation holds energy that affects each of us differently. Those with a lot of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) may feel like the light switch is turned on at this new moon. For those in the other signs, this lunation may feel very different. As you check in, honor where you are at knowing that what is true for another may not be your truth.

Celebrating 13 years of blogging.

Yesterday marked my 13 blogiversary! I’ll never forget the date: 04/06/08. It would be years later when I’d see that pattern in the numbers of the month, day, and year. Yesterday, I googled to see what phase the moon was in for this date and sure enough is was the new moon in Aries. Keep in mind, I was not following lunar cycles back then and didn’t plan this date and event. How cool is that? I’m so curious to look at other turning points and markers in my life and see what was happening in the sky at that time.

To honor this occasion, I created a journal page to reflect on where I was when I started this soulful and creative journey and what I’ve experienced along the way.

Oh the webs that we create…

I drew a spider web with 13 sections and filled the spaces with words that reflect where my curiosity has taken me. This web reveals a collection of my interests, learnings, experiences, and people in no particular order.

I thought about that phrase, “Leap and the net will appear.” Looking back on over these last 13 years, I realize that the net doesn’t just appear, that in fact, we create the nets that support us in pursuing our dreams.

We are the dream weavers, the spider women, creating nets that collect the jewels of a life well lived.

Honoring the love and loss in my web.

Just as there are many accomplishments and exciting highlights in this web, I have a space to honor the losses including my unrealized dreams.

The new moon in Aries, on Sunday, April 11, 2021, kicks off the astrological year. In that light, Happy New Year!

May this post inspire you to connect with your inner fire and set ablaze the next steps on your soulful and creative journey.

Until the next lunation,
((soul hugs))
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful and Creative Living

Design Notes

The Aries new moon mandala includes the symbol for it’s ruling planet Mars. At the center is the solar plexus chakra which is the third energy center. Work with the solar plexus chakra as this will support you in pursuing your dreams as it boosts your confidence and your ability to take action.

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