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Scorpio-Taurus Connection: Get Grounded for Success

The Scoprio “Super” Full moon may have been intense for you. It certainly was for me. I’m so glad that we are in the sign of Taurus as it’s here to help us to get grounded.

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Scorpio Full Moon Mandala (l) and Taurus New Moon Mandala (r)

In case you missed it, I wrote about the Scorpio full moon here and here. Those posts will introduce you to Scorpio and the ways you can work with this energy. The full moon often sheds light on an area in our lives that needs changing. Scorpio dives deep into the hidden realms of our shadow side where guilt, shame, disappointment and other dark emotions reside. This full moon may have stirred up something in you as it did for me.

Astrology is all about bringing balance to our lives. Each full moon happens in the sign of it’s polar opposite. (To learn more about this relationship between signs, check out my astrology 101 video here.) Scorpio is a water sign and it’s opposite Taurus is an earth sign.

Taurus New Moon Mandala

Taurus is here to help us to get grounded when we’ve fallen into the deep emotional waters.

At the center of my Taurus Mandala, I drew in the root chakra using my stencil from StencilGirl products. This chakra is perfect for times when you need to support to feel grounded and centered.

ArtGraf Earth Tone Water Soluble Tailors Chalk

To connect with this Taurus energy, I painted the root chakra in earthy colors using the Art Graf Tailors Chalk.

ArtGraf Primary Colors Water Soluble Tailors Chalk

To create the gorgeous earthy greens and violets, I picked up the Art Graf Tailors Chalk primary set. It was a luscious experience mixing the yellow and blue to create the green and the red and blue to create the violet.

What guidance does Taurus have at this time?

As I shuffled the cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, I asked, “Facing the truth of this area in my life that needs to change (Scorpio full moon), what guidance does Taurus have for me?”

9 of Cups is often thought of as the “Wish Card” indicating that whatever your heart’s desire, it shall be granted. Did you know that the earth signs, especially Taurus are excellent for manifesting material things? It seems quite fitting to pull this 9 of cups card.

While this card is among the most positive in the deck, we are cautioned to not spend more time day dreaming big ideas and grand schemes rather than doing the work right that’s called for now in order to execute those ideas. It’s good to dream big, however it’s equally important to balance action to fulfill your dreams.

The next week or so is a great time to create your own Taurus mandala. Here are the stencils that I used to create my Taurus mandala:

Taurus New Moon is Tuesday – 11th May 2021.

Next week I’ll be back with a new moon ritual that you can use with your Taurus Mandala that supports your intentions for manifesting abundance and good luck.

A few things to collect for the new moon manifesting ritual:

  • Eight green and gold stones such as green tourmaline, ruby in fuchsite, peridot, emerald, aventurine, and pyrite. Any combination will do. Select small pieces that will fit at each of the four gates and in the corners of your mandala.
  • To place at the center, I’m inviting Ganesh, known to assist us in beginning new endeavors and removing obstacles. I’ll be placing this Red Jasper Gemstone Elephant figurine. You may like a Ganesh figurine like this one. Or, a clear quartz or other gemstone that stands upward like these will act as a generator of energy.
  • We’ll also use a tea light candle and incense or sage. My favorite is the Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks.
  • Your favorite oracle or Tarot deck.

All of this grounding work in Taurus will help to prepare us for the upcoming eclipse season! More on that soon.

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Thank you for sharing this soulful and creative journey.
{soul hugs}
Kathryn Costa
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