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Taurus New Moon Crystal Grid Ritual for Manifesting Abundance

Today is Mother’s Day here in the US and I’m realizing a connection between the archetype of the caring, nurturing Mother and Taurus an earth sign in the zodiac.

Inside my goddess journal featuring Demeter
Collage images from Gudrun Sjödén’s Spring 2020 Catalog

My thoughts go to Goddess of the Grain & Harvest, the Greek goddess Demeter known to the Romans as Ceres, the Empress in the Tarot, and Pachamama the Earth Mother.

At each new moon, I check in on what’s happening in my life. I revisit my intentions and either renew them or set new ones. The new moons in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are said to be the most powerful for manifesting material things or making physical changes.

Following the lunar cycles and working with them over the last few years, I’ve noticed patterns when I get the best results for setting different types of intentions. This is one of those very fertile times and if you are at all interested in focusing on doing some manifestation work, this is the moment for we are coming up to an eclipse season, a time for NO manifesting work until later in July.

Take Note:

  • May 11, 2021 – New Moon in Taurus
  • May 26, 2021 – Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Super Flower Blood Full Moon Eclipse)
  • May 29, 2021 – Mercury Retrograde Begins
  • June 10, 2021 – Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini (New Moon Eclipse)
  • July 11, 2021 – Mercury Retrograde Concludes
  • August 8, 2021 – New Moon in Leo & Lion’s Gate (next powerful manifesting portal) We can do this ritual together at my event at the Dharmakaya Center!

After the immediate and powerful results that I had when I set intentions using a crystal grid last summer at the Lion’s Gate, I’m paying close attention to other potent manifesting moments including the New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Ritual for Manifesting Abundance, Prosperity, Success

The post powerful element of any ritual is YOU. Clarity, openness, and trust in the process are the keys to successful manifesting. I encourage you to adapt the following ritual and make it your own. Trust your instincts. Work with what you have or create a space and art that opens your heart and inspires your dreamwork.

Things to have for this ritual.

  • Crystal Grid: You may be inspired to create a Taurus New Moon Mandala that is featured in this post, or you can arrange the crystals on any surface or other crystal gride.
  • Gemstones: Eight green and gold stones such as green tourmaline, ruby in fuchsite, peridot, emerald, aventurine, and pyrite. Any combination will do. Select small pieces that will fit at each of the four gates and in the corners of your mandala.
  • Central Object: To place at the center, I’m inviting Ganesh, known to assist us in beginning new endeavors and removing obstacles. I’ll be placing this Red Jasper Gemstone Elephant figurine. You may like a Ganesh figurine like this one. Or, a clear quartz or other gemstone that stands upward like these will act as a generator of energy.
  • Tea light candle. (element of fire)
  • Incense or sage. My favorite is the Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks. (element of earth and air)
  • Small glass of water. (element of water)
  • Your favorite oracle or Tarot deck.
Taurus New Moon Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid

I create a mandala to use as a crystal grid for my manifesting work. Pictured here I used my stencils from StencilGirl Products to draw the “four gates” outline, the root chakra for the center, and the zodiac symbols for Taurus and her ruling planet Venus. Read my last blog post to learn more about why I chose the root chakra and what I used to create this mandala.

Creating the mandala begins the magical work as it gives you time to reflect on and get clarity around what you most desire. It is also a beautiful surface to place the crystals as you declare your intentions.

Red Jasper Elephant

At the center I place a special object that holds the intention. Here an elephant figurine made of red jasper corresponds with the energy of the root chakra. While this elephant doesn’t look like Ganesh the Hindu God, it holds that same intention. While Ganesh is known as the remover of obstacles and the beginner of things, I’ve come to realize that the obstacles or more often my perception of things, limiting ideas, or habits. Elephants are known to have good memories and I’m taking this time to think back on what has been as I discern what’s next.

Turtles are another great option to consider for the center. Truly any stone or crystal can serve as your central object.

Taurus New Moon Crystal Grid

Next I place green or gold colored gemstone at each of the four gates and four corners.

I place a candle on the right side of my grid and use the flame to light a piece of Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Stick. The incense helps to clear the air and move our attention to the present moment. I wave the incense in a counter-clockwise motion above my grid starting at the center with three rotations, then circling outward with three more rotations.

Not pictured here is a small glass of water placed on the left side of the grid.

An abalone shell provides a beautiful and safe place for the incense stick.

Pulling Oracle Cards – Intentionally versus Intuitively

Next I pull out an oracle or Tarot deck. You have some options on how to work with the cards.

Pick a single card – This is really helpful for focusing on a single message or when you don’t have time for a longer reading.

Pick four cards – The four gates mandala is a natural fit for selecting four cards.

  • Card One – Place at the bottom of the crystal grid. This card describes your current situation and what is on your mind and in your heart.
  • Card Two – Place on the left side of the grid. This card represents what has led you to this current moment.
  • Card Three – Place at the top of the grid. This card provides insights on what will help you to attain your aspirations.
  • Card Four – Place at the right side of the grid. This may describe a likely outcome or hold a message that gives insight on your next step.

Pulling Cards Intuitively – I typically shuffle the cards and draw them intuitively. Steer clear of anyone telling you how to pull your cards. There are a lot of silly superstitions out there on the interwebs. I shuffle until I feel one pull away from the deck. You may spread them out and run your hands along the top. Another method is to shuffle and cut the deck into several piles and pick the top or bottom card. Trust your intuition.

Selecting Cards Intentionally – Another option is to pull out cards that you know speak to your intentions.

For this New Moon in Taurus Ritual, I started by selecting three card intentionally and pulled the fourth card intuitively using four different decks.

The analogy of planting seeds is often associated with this new moon in Taurus. I selected the “Planting Seeds” card from Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Card Deck.

Get clear on what you desire for yourself and your future. Timing is vital, and now is your moment to plant spiritual seeds. Every realized dream once started as an idea that took root. For your projects, ideas, and dreams to come to fruition, you need to first become clear on what your heart truly desires.

Believe that miracles can happen.

Gateway Oracle Card Deck by Denise Linn

Earlier in the week I had a session with a certified astrologer who helped me to see some of the cycles that are ending in my life at this time. Did you know that in the Native American tradition, a woman becomes fully grown at fifty-two? Here I am in the last months of my 52nd year. The astrologer pointed out that I’m beginning the third book in my life of the maid, mother, and crone cycles.

I see how the Empress in the Tarot who is depicted as Demeter in the Greek tradition and known to the Romans as Ceres, can awaken within all of us the goddess of the harvest who supports us in planting our seeds at this new moon.

For my second card I selected the Empress from The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid.

This is a wonderful time to give birth to new ideas and experiences. Nourishment is assured as I step into a new version of myself. My life is rich and ripe with possibility that I can manifest and create. I am a powerful co-creator, and life loves me right now! My world is brimming with potential and infinite possibility that will manifest for the highest good.

The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

As I’m shifting from the mother stage of my life to the crone stage, I selected the Hectate goddess card to place at the right of my mandala from the Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid. Hectate asks,

Who do you want to become? What kind of life are you prepared to live, and how will you wisely yield your power to co-create a new world beneficial for others and not just yourself?

Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

To complete the reading, I pulled a card intuitively from the Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild and was introduced to the Circle Cross of Tenan, a rare intersection of heaven and earth.

There are times when heaven and earth align and the power unleashed is considerable. People rally and situations fall into place. As if by a miracle, patience, persistence, effort, and energy finally come together and a creation of tangible goodness takes shape in the world. It can be unexpected. You may even have almost given up hope. Then, suddenly, everything comes together. The Circle Cross of Tenan is a sign of such a happening in your world, a moment of powerful grace, where Spirit makes its presence felt upon the earth.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild

I learned from this card that there are some hawks that are able to hunt by night. Here the rare lunar hawk can be our guide in the darkness of this new moon. Within us there is enough spiritual light to see things as they are to successfully navigate this part of the journey.

The priestess, the one who bridges heaven and earth, dwells within the lunar pyramid of the ancient city of Teotihuacan, known as Tenan, with the circle crosses as her guide. This card points to the sacred role of this priestess archetype within us by taking active steps to fulfill our destiny as a living channel for spiritual grace that we are meant to be.

I take some time to sit with the crystal grid and oracle cards. Additional elements of wheat and lilacs add beauty and capture the themes of this moment.

To close I pick up the glass of water and raise it to toast:

  • Holding the glass above the center I say, “I am open to what is needed to clear the way for success, self-worth, and abundance.”
  • Raising the glass above the bottom card I say, “May these seeds that I plant take root and grow strong.”
  • Holding the glass above the card on the left I say, “May I have the courage to achieve great things.”
  • Holding the glass above the card on the right I say, “May I allow my highest self to radiate outward in all aspects of my daily life.”
  • Holding the glass above the top card I say, “Ultimately I ask to be in alignment with my highest self, my highest potential, and my greatest good. So it is!”

At which point I drink the water and sit before the grid in a meditative position to fill up with these thoughts and inspirations.

When you feel ready to close the ritual, give thanks and snuff out your candle. You may leave the crystal grid and cards set up for as long as you wish.

My sweet Velle takes a moment to play with the crystals before the ritual begins.
For safety sake she isn’t on the table when I have the candle lit.

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One last reminder to do this manifesting ritual before eclipse season begins on May 26th. The next most powerful manifesting portal will be on August 8, 2021 at the new moon in Leo and the Lion’s Gate. My event at the Dharmakaya Center is that same weekend! Imagine doing this powerful manifesting ritual together. Let’s make that happen!!!

Thank you for sharing this soulful and creative journey.
{soul hugs}
Kathryn Costa
Instigator of Soulful & Creative Living

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  1. I’m really loving this new era of your practice. It’s so inspiring!! These pictures are fabulous! I am using a TV as a computer monitor so they are huge in front of me and almost made me feel like I was right there. I could even actually SMELL the burning palo santo. I’m going to bookmark this one.

    1. Hi Allison, It is great to hear that the photos from this post look good on the TV and it created an immersive experience for you. Thanks for letting me know how much you are enjoying these posts. ((soul hugs)) Kathryn

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