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Torus Yantra – Rainbow Sphere Mandala

Torus Yantra Examples

The Torus Yantra is a fascinating pattern in sacred geometry that is drawn by repeating circles. In the examples above we see a couple of variations where the first one was created by drawing 12 circles and the second one 24 circles.

Now, if we shift our perspective and tilt these mandalas with a 3d rendering, we’d get a design that…

Image from the HeartMath Institute

the HeartMath Institute says is the energetic pattern of our heart. As we reduce stress and open our hearts, our heart rate variability increases and this energetic field widens which supports our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

How cool is that? I love that we can draw and play with this pattern and connect with the energy of our heart in a visual way. One of my favorite ways to reduce stress and increase my heart rate variability is to create art.

In this post, I’ll share with you how I’m playing with this Torus Yantra to create what I’m calling the Rainbow Sphere.

Watch this video to learn how to draw the Torus Yantra.
Torus Yantra – Rainbow Swirls

There are so many different patterns that can be seen within the Torus. Here I followed a wave like pattern and filled it in with a rainbow of colors.

Torus Yantra – Pinwheel

Completing the wave of each color, a pinwheel forms.

Torus Yantra – Infinity Symbol

Underneath this first layer, I continued coloring the bands and noticed how they form the infinity symbol.

Torus Yantra – Work in Progress

It was a fun process to watch this mandala fill in.

Torus Yantra Rainbow Sphere – First Layer of Color

Here is the pattern filled in with the first layer of color. Next, I like to add details and finishing touches.

Adding neutral gray to ground all of the colors.

I outline the colorful bands with a black pen. Here you can see I started filling in the white spaces with a neutral gray color.

Torus Yantra – Rainbow Sphere – Colored Pencil Shading.

I used colored pencils to add a gradient of color to each band.

Torus Yantra – Rainbow Sphere – Charcoal Shading

To add further depth, I traced the inside edge of the top “pinwheel” with charcoal.

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