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Standing On My Holy Ground Mandala

Expressive arts mandala about standing your ground.

What do you stand for? What will you not stand for? These are the questions that I ask myself every time I create this style of mandala. I’m fascinated by how different the mandala looks each time and the insights that I draw from it. While the project instructions are the same, what’s different is me and what my soul wants me to know in the moment.

This project is one from the Great Round Course called, “Standing On My Holy Ground.” The instructions are quite simply to trace your feet and draw concentric circles at the center radiating outward to form a mandala.

A couple of things were going on for me when I created this mandala last spring – I was feeling emotionally raw after my husband and I decided to split and I had sharp pains in my left foot from plantar fasciitis.

Using watercolor paints, I filled the area of the heel in red and the rest of the foot in brown. Then I traced some lines for journal writing. I started writing, “I can’t stand…” and allowed my emotions to spill out. I repeated the prompt, “I can’t stand…” again and again until I filled in the entire foot.

I filled the right foot with yellow paint and a list of words about what I stand for. It felt so good to shift my energy from strong heavy emotions on the left to inspiring bright qualities on the right.

At the center I traced the solar plexus chakra using one of my StencilGirl Product stencils. The solar plexus is our energy center where our confidence stems and from where we take action.

I filled the bands of color that surround the solar plexus chakra with affirming words and writing my truths. I started from the center and worked outward.

I am…
I trust…
I am…
I express…

As I arrived at the top of the mandala, the word devotion came to mind as I thought about where I stand and where I want focus my time and energy.

As I stood back and looked at the finished piece, the brown areas of the left foot looked like layers of bark peeling away. Perhaps these are the layers of protection that I create when feeling hurt or vulnerable? Underneath the red looks raw and painful but looking closer there is another layer under it all in the same yellow as the right foot and in the solar plexus chakra.

This is where reading our mandalas and uncovering the “mandala story” gets interesting. I came to the realization that what will help me to heal the emotional and physical pains in my left foot are the qualities that I stand for and my truths revealed within the mandala.

To my surprise, within a day of creating this mandala and honoring all of my feelings, the pain from the plantar fasciitis was completely gone and I felt more grounded and peaceful.


Here are some examples of the ‘Standing On Your Holy Ground’ mandala project created by participants in my workshops.

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